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Iggy Challenge Giveaway
💵 $15,000 + 🔥 20 NFT GIVEAWAY 💵 Just complete several steps to win cash and NFT! ✅ 1. 💸 $7,000 to 100 raffled winners who complete ALL tasks: Complete all tasks below to enter a $20 raffle! You'll get $50 on top if you're an IggyBoy NFT holder ✅ 2. 💸 $5,000 to 50 randomly picked voters: Go and vote for the finalists on our website from June 29 to July 02 to win $100 by a random pick of your wallet* Voting page ✅ 3. 💸 $3,000 bounty for the best comment: Comment under any posted remix or a dance. Say how much you love the Participant, IggyBoy or 1ATH.Studio! ✅ 4. 🚀 20 IggyBoy NFTs to 20 raffled winners: Complete any task below for a raffle of an IggyBoy NFT to 20 raffled winners! 🔥 Make as many entries as possible to increase your chances to win CASH + NFT 🔥 🏆 WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT: ⏱️ The automatic raffle will happen on July 11. ⏱️ The winners will be announced on our social media within 96 hours after the raffle ends. Follow Us not to miss! TO CLAIM YOUR PRIZE: - To claim the prize, winners shall send us a DM on Instagram and claim it within 72 hours after the announcement on social media. - Cash prizes will be given to users who have followed the terms. * IggyBoy NFT holders who vote to rank the finalists by connecting their Trust Wallet and Metamask wallets. Entry Methods: * Subscribe to our Instagram * Subscribe to our Tiktok * Subscribe to our Youtube channel * Follow @1athstudio on Twitter * Retweet @1ATHStudio on Twitter * Subscribe to our Facebook * Vote for Dancers and DJs * Sign up for our Newsletter * Join @Official_1ATHStudio on Telegram * Join our Discord Server