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Chaotic DJs is giving away a wide variety of rewards throughout this contest! Selected winners can receive NFT Airdrops, a CHAOTIC DJs Skateboard, branded merchandise, an exclusive experience, and cash prizes (stable coin). CHAOTIC DJs has purchase 2 tickets for a Nightlife Experience at Miami's hottest spot including pool party access and cabana! _________________________________________________________________________ Chaotic DJs is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that brings the music community a home to interact, connect, engage and earn ($CHAOTIC). Owning a Chaotic DJs NFT will provide you FULL access to our Chaotic Land Festivals, exclusive events, private parties, music education, mentorship programs, social music platform with DJ-ing opportunities, DeFi Tools, and many other benefits! NFTs range from 1 of 4 Chaotic animals: Tiger, Bunny, Wolf, and Ape - each with their own set of unique roles! Complete as many tasks as possible to increase your odds. Chaotic DJs will be awarding whitelist slots, as well as cash and additional prizes throughout this contest! Gather as many points as you can to increase your odds. Do not forget to submit your ERC20 address; winning selections without required information will be voided. https://www.chaoticdjs.com/ Entry Methods: * Visit our homepage * Follow @chaoticdjs on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Visit chaoticdjs on Instagram * Join our Chaotic DJs community! * Enter the Chaotic Code * Submit the wallet address in which to be WHITELISTED or AIRDROPPED
Whitelist and NFT Giveaway Contest
FOR A LIMITED TIME - ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY WHITELISTED TO CELEBRATE THE METAVERSE EXPO ATTENDANCE ! THIS BEGINS AT 7/72022 at 5PM EST / 9PM UTC FOR A SHORT DURATION ONLY In celebration of approaching PHASE 2 in the Metamouse Clubhouse roadmap, we are rewarding active members with discounted whitelist slots as well as a variety of giveaways! Simply complete as many tasks as you want to enter the contest. The more points you receive, the more you increase your chances to be selected for whitelist or airdrops! Phase 2 begins on July 12 at 6PM EST / 10PM EST Whitelist Price - 0.07 ETH (24 hours) Do not forget to submit your ERC20 address; winning selections without required information will be voided. https://metamouseclubhouse.io/ Entry Methods: * Follow @metamouseNFT on Twitter * Join our Metamouse Clubhouse community on Discord. * Retweet @metamouseNFT on Twitter * Visit metamouse.nft on Instagram * ERC20 Wallet: Please provide your ERC20 wallet address. * Enter the secret code for BONUS points * Share Our Campaign With Friends 🙏 * Tweet on Twitter
Fight 4 Hope Prelaunch Contest
Welcome to Fight 4 Hope whitelist contest, congratulations on finding this project as early as you have. We are happy to have you on board and the team welcomes ALL of you to the fight! Please visit our website and review the project first! Our prelaunch contest has numerous prizes including NFT giveaways, and most importantly awarding whitelists for wallets in our upcoming presale! We are focusing our efforts on building a sustainable community that is indicative of our biggest strength, our game! Therefore, all whitelist registration procedures will be built around our goals. Here are some details on our upcoming presale: Min-Max; 10 - 600 BUSD Soft cap - 75,000 BUSD - Hard cap - 150,000 BUSD Tokens per 100 BUSD - 8,000 60% towards liquidity; 100% of initial liquidity is Locked for 3 months with RENEWED LOCK mechanisms afterwards on a regular basis - LP will always be locked with extensions. To increase your chances of being awarded a whitelist, simply complete as many tasks as you can throughout the duration of the contest campaign. We will be updating the tasks daily so please check back and complete new tweets, new posts, and share as much as you can! This contest is for the Tier 2 phase of the presale that will take place immediately after the first. Phase 1 is scheduled for 5 minutes only, and designed to allow gamers and streamers to ensure their allocation; Tier 2 is scheduled for 10 minutes and ensures all other investors may participate, this contest will award tier 2 whitelists. If you are interested in TIER 1, and you are a gamer or a streamer, please head over to our telegram and ask to download the game file, an administrator will assist you. https://www.fight4hope.io Entry Methods: * Visit Fight 4 Hope * Join @fight4hope on Telegram * Join @fight4hopeannouncements on Telegram * Join @Fight4hopesocialarmy on Telegram * Join our Discord community! * Follow @fight4hope_ on Twitter * Retweet @Fight4hope_ on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Visit Fight4Hope on YouTube * Read our Medium article! * BONUS CODE * Submit your BEP20 wallet address * Submit your email;: Subscribe to our newsletter for additional points! * Refer Friends for Extra Entries * Submit a stream of your Fight 4 Hope gameplay! * Invite a GAMER for bonus points! * How much do you plan to contribute?: Tell us how much you plan on contributing?