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3DPDEALS Facebook Group 5K Giveaway
PRIZE(S): 4X WINNERS, EACH RECEIVE A $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD! RULES: 1. Spread the Word: I won't track this, so technically it isn't required, but if you find value in the deals we post, please let others know. Just one time this week, tag a friend on a deal you like, share our website/twitter/Facebook Page/Facebook Group/Instagram (new account, please follow!) info in another forum, or tag us in any social media. Thanks! 2. Enter using Gleam giveaway info below. 3. Eligible for US-only, and must be willing to provide name and email address to provide prize. 4. Must respond within 4 days of prize notification. note: if you join the telegram channel, which is a great way to get a deal feed, consider muting notifications if you are getting too many pings (especially with black friday coming up!) Entry Methods: * Visit 3DPrintingDeals.com Website * Join @threedprintingdeals on Telegram * Visit 3dpdeals on Facebook * Follow @3dpdeals on Twitter * Retweet @3dpdeals on Twitter * Visit 3dpdeals on Instagram * What 3D Printing items are you looking for on Black Friday? * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry (and check 3dprintingdeals.com)
3dpdeals Summer Subscriber Giveaway
A few big milestones spawned this giveaway 1. 2000 Twitter followers! 2. 1000 Facebook Group members! 3. Brand NEW Website now open: 3dprintingdeals.com 7X PRIZES, WINNERS RECEIVE (US ONLY): * 2x winners: 2 spools (2kg) in-stock CERPRiSe PLA filament (black/white/gray/red/blue/green) * 2x winners: 1 Sovol Filament Dryer Box (Supports 2 Spools of Filament) * 1x winner: 1 $50 Amazon e-Gift Card Winner(s) will be announced within 1 week of contest end and will have 48hrs to claim their prize. GIVEAWAY SPONSORS! CERPRiSe and Sovol have each agreed to provide the filament and filament dryers for the giveaway, respectively, but we wanted to add something in as well (and who can't use a $50 Amazon gift card?). Check out their Facebook groups linked below to find additional deals on their products: CERPRiSE Facebook Group Sovol 3D Facebook Group and Sovol3d.com NEW 3DPRINTINGDEALS.COM WEBSITE! We've put a lot of effort into building 3dprintingdeals.com, with an emphasis on providing benefit to any budget-conscious 3d printing enthusiast... especially for those that aren't regularly active on social media and don't see the deals we post. A lot of posts get lost in the cloud of social media feeds, but this site is intended to be a quick-look location for what is still active, even if it was originally posted 2 days or 2 weeks ago. Also, all of our old posts will still be there, so a quick search should show how good the current deal compares with past items. Please provide feedback (website form or social media) if something seems out of place or isn't working correctly. Thanks! A big thank you to CERPRiSE and Sovol3D for helping to sponsor this giveaway! Entry Methods: * Follow @3dpdeals on Twitter * Retweet @3dpdeals on Twitter * Visit NEW 3DPrintingDeals.com Website * Visit 3dpdeals on Facebook * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry * View Post on Facebook
3dpdeals Black Friday 2020 Filament Giveaway
@3dpdeals Black Friday 2020 Filament Giveaway Ends at the end of November (11/30 midnight PST). US only, winners receive 1 in-stock filament spool from the options below. 1x winner receives Yousu Silk Pearlescent PLA (Gold/Copper/Bronze/Blue/Green/Pink/White) 1x winner receives RepRapper PETG (Black/Clear/Gray/White/Translucent Red) Yousu and RepRapper have each agreed to give away 1 kg, but I'll up the ante... If @3dpdeals twitter account hits 1800 followers and/or the 3D Printing Deals Facebook Group reaches 500 members by the end of the giveaway, I'll buy additional spools to give away (a potential of 4 total winners). So share these pages and this giveaway with your friends! Winner(s) will be announced within 1 week of contest end. A big thank you to Yousu and RepRapper for sponsoring this giveaway. Please visit their filament listing on amazon (currently on sale at links above) and social media pages at the links below. Yousu https://www.facebook.com/Yousu3D https://twitter.com/Alina92779167 RepRapper https://www.facebook.com/reprapper/ Entry Methods: * Follow @3dpdeals on Twitter * Retweet @3dpdeals on Twitter * Visit 3D Printing Deals Facebook Group * Visit 3dpdeals on Facebook * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry