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Custom Painted Dice Vault
Choose any of my current designs on one of these: a Talon and Claw Council of 7 or an Elderwood Hex Chest or a Works of Whimsy Spellbook and you get to pick the paint scheme and style you want for it. Entry Methods: * Follow @88riddles on Twitter * Retweet @88riddles on Twitter * Visit my Etsy Shop * Follow norsefoundry on Twitch
Hand Painted Proto-Type Octopus Traveling Tray
In celebration of our Kickstarter being fully funded, we are going to give away this hand painted prototype case with 88riddles popular Octopus design. One lucky winner will be selected at the end of the kickstarter campaign. Entry Methods: * Table Top Traveling Tray * Retweet @tabletopmakers on Twitter * Table Top Makers * Visit Table Top Makers on Facebook * Visit _tabletopmakers_ on Instagram * Follow @tabletopmakers on Twitter * Table Top Makers Discord
88Riddles and DiceAwaii
One incredibly lucky follower is going to get this matching set! A custom Elderwood Academy hex chest designed and hand painted by 88Riddles and A custom dice set made exclusively for this giveaway by DiceAwaii Entry Methods: * DiceAwaii on Etsy * 88Riddles on Etsy * Follow @diceawaii on Twitter * Follow @88riddles on Twitter * Visit diceawaii_dice on Instagram * Visit 88riddles on Instagram * Visit 88riddlesdesigns on Facebook * Visit Diceawaii: Colorful Clackomancy on Facebook * Visit 88riddles on Pinterest * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry * Visit Dice-awaii on Patreon * 88Riddles on TikTok
Ragnarok Combo
One 7 piece set of Orb of Annihilation dice from Norse Foundry a $125 value One 88Riddles Hand Painted Yggdrasil Purpleheart Hex Chest from Elderwood Academy a $65 value Entry Methods: * Follow @88riddles on Twitter * Retweet @88riddles on Twitter * Painted Hex Chests * Paint Your Own Chest * $12 TTRPG Shirts * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry
Jasper's Game Day
88Riddles is sponsoring this month long contest to help promote awareness of Jasper's Game Day. Win this One of a Kind Codex Dice Tower from Elderwood Academy that has been hand painted by 88Riddles Jasper’s Game Day started as an idea, a one-time event that took off and became so much more than we ever expected! Fenway lost two friends in the span of 10 months to suicide and everyone that knew them was deeply affected. The heartache and pain that everyone felt led to actionable steps by Fenway and her dad, Aaron. Back in 2017, they organized an event to raise awareness and donations for suicide prevention, it was so well received it’s still going strong and growing thanks to everyone that supports and is a vital component of Jasper’s Game Day. That’s what Jasper’s Game Day is about, preventing others from experiencing that pain by raising as much awareness as possible. Entry Methods: * Visit Jasper's Game Day on Facebook * Follow @jaspersgameday on Twitter * Visit jaspersgameday on Instagram * Jasper's Game Week Signup * Join the Jasper's Game Day Discord * Follow @88riddles on Twitter * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry * Retweet @88riddles on Twitter * Visit to Donate