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100,000,000 Elongate Giveaway
The Cryptonaires Team is giving away 100,000,000 Elongate. Come check out our Discord and learn about Crypto Currency and Digital Innovation. Future Membership is required but access is free for a limited time enter here https://discord.gg/mDJvnEJ3u6 Entry Methods: * Enter using Twitter * Follow @cryptonaireslve on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter
500,000 $HUGO Giveaway
In support of our partner @Hugo_Finance we are proudly holding a giveaway of 500,000 Hugo. 10 Lucky Winners will have the opportunity to win 50,000 $Hugo. The Month of June is going to be really big for Hugo and this is only the beginning. We are happy to be on this journey with you. LIKE, FOLLOW, RETWEET @Doy1eee @cryptonairz @Hugo_Finance @eFuseOfficial Entry Methods: * Follow @cryptonairz on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter
Cryptonaires Discord Access
We're releasing our Cryptonaires Discord this month and to celebrate we are giving away (1) one month free at our Investor and Pro Subscription Tiers to some lucky winners. Simply follow the steps below to enter, the winner will be randomly drawn on 04/21/2021. Contest is open worldwide Don't forget to complete every action to unlock bonus entries. Entry Methods: * Entry Confirmed - More Ways to Enter Below * Enter using Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Follow @Doy1eee on Twitter
3 Lucky People Have the Chance to Win 500 XDC Each Crypto Currency, Digital Innovation and Investment Discussions. Nothing provided in this Discord Server should be considered Financial Advice. https://discord.gg/cryptonairz Entry Methods: * Enter using Twitter * Retweet @cryptonairz on Twitter * Follow @cryptonairz on Twitter