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November Livestock Giveaway Draw!
For this month's giveaway I have two little felted animals in belated celebration of Taking Stock! Because nothing says literary appreciation like giving away livestock. There's an out and proud sheep with a rainbow and string to hang it up and an extremely small cow who has chosen not to flag anything about it's identity. I can post worldwide, but obviously it'll take a while to get anywhere that's not the UK. Entry Methods: * November Livestock Giveaway Draw! * Click here every day for more entries! * Like my facebook page! * Follow me on Instagram! - @CogentHippo * Follow me on Twitter! - @CogentHippo * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Sign up to my newsletter on my website!
Ally's Birthday Giveaway! Win five ebooks!
It's my birthday this week, so let's have a giveaway! Enter to win copies of all the ebooks in the Border Magic Universe! Read about the universe here: https://allester.co.uk/lost-in-time/ * Inheritance of Shadows * Lost in Time (London 1920s #1) * Shadows on the Border (London 1920s #2) * The Hunted and the Hind (London 1920s #3) * The Flowers of Time (1780s) Share as much as you like for more chances to win! Entry Methods: * Win five #LGBTQ+ paranormal, historical romance ebooks! #PromoLGBTQ #QueerBooks * Click here every day for more entries! * Join my facebook group * Follow me on Instagram - @CogentHippo * Follow me on Twitter - @CogentHippo * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube * Follow me on Pinterest * Join my newsletter for a free story