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BabyAAPT Whitelist Competition!
BabyAAPT Whitelist Competition! We are glad to announce that we are launching a BabyAAPT support token! This token is needed to support and develop our primary $AAPT token. The creation of BabyAAPT means we can build a more robust ecosystem with two tokens helping each other grow. What is the BabyAAPT Token? Launching on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BabyAAPT is the first $AAPT reflection token brought to market. The founders of BabyAAPT, AAptitude and Reaper Rewards created the token intending to bring passive income into people’s lives. All BabyAAPT holders will receive rewards in the $AAPT token according to tokenomics. Has the Owner been fully doxed? Yes, our CEO and Lead Developer, Kodi, is fully doxed. Juha, our CMO is also fully doxed; they have doxed themselves via an interview on live TV and many community AMAs. What are the BabyAAPT Tokenomics? 14% Buy/Sell tax 5% Rewards 5% Marketing 3% BuyBack 1% Liquidity Pool What is the Total Supply? BabyAAPT total supply is 100 Billion. What is the Contract address? TBA Softcap: TBA Hardcap: TBA Minimum Contribution: 0.1 BNB Maximum Contribution: 5 BNB Presale date: Thursday, 7 July, 2022 (AEST) TG: https://t.me/AAptitudeToken Want a 5 minute headstart to the presale?! Secure an early bird whitelist position! 🚀 Enjoy the trip to the moon 🚀 Entry Methods: * Submit your Binance Smart Chain Wallet Address? * Retweet @AAptitudeToken on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Follow @aaptitudetoken on Twitter * View Post on Telegram * Join @aaptitudeannouncements on Telegram * Join @AAptitudeToken on Telegram * Vote Good for AAptitude on CoinMarketCap * Vote Good for AAptitude on CoinGecko * Visit AAptitudeToken on Facebook * Visit aaptitudetoken on Instagram * Enter The Secret Code * Share With Friends For Extra Entries * Visit Xray on YouTube * Create a BabyAAPT meme, tweet it and tag @AAptitudeToken!