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XS2U token millionaire RACE
Win XS2U tokens by joining the Big Token Millionaire Race. Score Entries, finish top 5 and become an XS2U millionaire The more entries you gain the bigger the price you can take home. Prizes: The winners of the token millionaire race will receive the following prizes, top 50 get rewarded BIG time : 1 winner will receive 2.5 million XS2U tokens (approximate retail value 5.000 USD) 4 winner(s) will receive 1 million XS2U tokens (approximate retail value 2.000 USD) 10 winner(s) will receive 500.000 XS2U tokens (approximate retail value 1.000 USD) 15 winner(s) will receive 250.000 XS2U tokens (approximate retail value 500 USD) 20 winner(s) will receive 100.000 XS2U tokens (approximate retail value 200 usd) These XS2U tokens are all real tokens and will be transferred to your wallet after the competition ends. Access 2 you is awarding 50 contestants. Usd value is counted in "step 8" dollar value. Keeping XS2U tokens in your bitcoin.com wallet will generate u monthly dividends. Entry Methods: * Enter using Twitter * Follow @2xs2u on Twitter * Choose an Image * What is the retail value of 10000 XS2U in step 8 * Join our discord server * How many steps are there in distribution of XS2U? * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry * Download the XS2U wallet. Original bitcoin.com wallet * Join telegram channel * Visit the website and answer a question * Purchase a silver $100 package * Purchase a platinum $250 package * Purchase a gold $500 package * Dividend payout question * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * XS2U brand picture * Retweet @2Xs2u on Twitter * Retweet @2Xs2u on Twitter * Retweet @2Xs2u on Twitter * Tweet With The #XS2U Hashtag * Check out our temporarily website * Claim after doing 20 tasks * Extra bonus entries