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Gates of Ethernity NFTs giveaway
Aether Games Inc. is a Game Development studio with a strong focus on artistic excellence and Blockchain-based development utilizing NFT technology. All Aether Games Inc. products share the same lore and co-exist within the same Universe. We are about to hit the market with 2 connected products, infused with play and earn mechanics. - Cards of Ethernity - CoE - Gates of Ethernity - GoE Win an emote NFT and use it across all our games! 250 winners - 5 different emotes 50 limited supply for each emote! All the answers to the questions can be found in Aether Games website , Gates of Ethernity website, Cards of Ethernity website and our Blog. Entry Methods: * Enter your ERC20 address * Follow @AetherGamesInc on Twitter * Add $AEG to your watchlist on CoinMarketCap * Join our Discord community * Follow us on TikTok * Tweet using our # hashtag and tell everyone why do you like our project * Join @aethergames on Telegram * Visit Aether Games on Facebook * Visit Gates Of Ethernity on YouTube * Visit aethergamesinc on Instagram * Answer a question: Us: What is Aether Games? * Answer a question: Our games: What games are Aether Games currently developing? * Answer a question: Our Ethernals: What is your favorite creature from those that appear in our first trailer? * Answer a question: Our Ethernals: Which of our creatures is your favourite one? * Select the right answer: Benefits of holding our NFTs * Answer a Question: Our story: Which creature first invaded our earth? * Select the right answer: Our games * Select the right answer: Our games * Select the right answer: Aether Games blockchain
Win your spot in NUTS presale
Winners will be raffled among participants Entry Methods: * Enter your BEP-20 address * Presale contribution. * Join Telegram group * Join Telegram announcements channel * Join NUTS Gaming Discord server * Follow @nutsgamingbsc on Twitter * Retweet @NUTSGamingBSC on Twitter * Tweet With The # Hashtag * Follow nutsgamingbsc on Twitch * Visit NUTSGamingBSC on YouTube * Visit NUTSGamingBSC on Instagram * Visit NUTSGamingBSC on Reddit * Refer Friends For Extra Entries