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Air Ballerz | $BALLER Giveaway + NFT Lottery
Welcome to the epic $BALLER & NFT Giveaway Event! 🔥 This is the first time we will give away $BALLER Tokens & Skin NFTs 🔥 😎 Baller Skin NFTs are awesome, rare collectibles, that increase your earning potential in-game & make you look fly 😎 Contest Details: ⚡ During the contest, everyone can win a share (%) of the 100,000 $BALLER pot by completing actions. ⚡ 🏆#EverybodyWins🏆 🤯 When the contest ends, 7 randomly selected participants will each win a Rare Baller Skin NFT 🤯 💪Additional $1,500 in USDT is reserved for the top 5 participants with the highest amount of entries! 💪 1st Place $500 2nd Place $400 3rd Place $300 4th Place $200 5th Place $100 🥇 REMEMBER - EVERY PARTICIPANT IS A WINNER! 🥇 Make sure to complete all actions and fill in all details correctly so the system validates your eligibility. Failure to do so and/or cheating will automatically disqualify your entries by our Validation System. We will double verify bots, or any attempt to cheat before we reward any tokens or NFTs, so don't waste your time :) About Air Ballerz: Air Ballerz is a virtual world where players connect, explore, and compete in jetpack-powered games. Join forces with friends as you build the team that will stand alone as Champions of the Realm! Website: https://www.airballerz.com/ Must-read Competition rules: Read here Welcome to the Ballerverse! -Air Ballerz Team Entry Methods: * Join AirBallerz Discord * Follow @airballerzgame on Twitter * Retweet @airballerzgame on Twitter * Submit your retweet URL * Watch the Gameplay Teaser * Visit Air Ballerz on YouTube * Retweet @AirBallerzGame on Twitter * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Join @airballerz official Telegram group * Join @airballerz announcement Telegram group * Follow @Astronomicaio on Twitter * Visit Air Ballerz on Facebook * Visit airballerzgame on Instagram * Enter your ERC-20 Wallet Address: Submit your ERC20 wallet address * Follow on Medium * Join Alpha Baller Program
Air Ballerz Alpha Program
INTRODUCING THE ALPHA BALLER PROGRAM 🔥 The Alpha Baller program is an exclusive, members-only program designed to shape the future of Air Ballerz alongside the community 🔥 BECOME AN ALPHA BALLER TO 🔓 Access Air Ballerz Alpha First 🏆 Join exclusive competitions 🔥 Get an Alpha Baller Status READY TO BALL? The Alpha Baller program is the best way for you to get in the game early and master the Ballerverse before anyone else. Alpha Ballerz are required to provide feedback from time to time to keep their access to the program. Our goal is to build Air Ballerz alongside the community. We will only admit a limited amount of players into the Alpha Baller Program over time as we review submissions. Winners will be contacted via Discord or Email. Alpha Ballerz also: 🤝 Get direct access to the Air Ballerz team 📣 Get updates about the game first 👀 Help shape the future of Air Ballerz & Blockchain Games About Air Ballerz: Air Ballerz is a virtual world where players connect, explore, and compete in jetpack-powered games. // Fun Meets Crypto // Free To Play Linktree: linktr.ee/AirBallerz Entry Methods: * Join Air Ballerz Discord * Retweet @AirBallerzGame on Twitter * Answer a question: Why should you be selected to be an Alpha Baller? * Are you willing to give feedback about the game? * Enter your email * What is your Discord Username?: (Name#1234)