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AloneNite Airdrop Campaign
JOIN WITH ALONENITE'S FIRST AIRDROP CAMPAIGN WORTH $120,000🚀 A̸loneNite is a survival P2E metaverse game powered by Algorand and UnityEngine. Also provides launchpad for GameFi, Metaverse and NFT projects AIRDROP DETAILS 📌 $100,000 Worth of $ALNT will be split among 8000 people (FCFS 5000 + Random 3000) 📌 $20,000$ worth of $ALNT will be split among 25 top referrers ⏳ Start Date : 20th of Aug 2022 ⌛️End Date : 20th of Sep 2022 The distribution date will be announced after the airdrop ends. 📃Note: We will announce the ALNT token ID at TGE. Then all of you should be able to use that ID and enable the $ALNT asset. Otherwise, your airdrop rewards may be lost. Entry Methods: * Visit This Page to Enter * Tweet on Twitter * Follow @AloneNite on Twitter * Retweet @AloneNite on Twitter * Like , Retweet and Tag 5 Friends * Follow Telegram Group * Follow Announcement Channel * Follow on Medium * Visit Alone Nite on YouTube * Submit your Algorand wallet Address * Refer Friends For Extra Entries
AloneNite IGO Whitelist Campaign
DON'T MISS THE CHANCE, APPLY FOR THE WHITELIST NOW! 1500 participants will be randomly selected by using an automated system. Only those who are Whitelisted will be allowed to participate in the IGO and the first Game demo. The AloneNite IGO will start on the 26th of August 2022 at 9.00 A.M UTC. IGO Details * Token Symbol : $ALNT * Network : Algorand Chain * Personal softcap: 200 USDC * Personal hardcap: 2000 USDC The whitelist campaign will end in 24 hours. Entry Methods: * Visit AloneNite launchpad * Follow @AloneNite on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Retweet @AloneNite on Twitter * Retweet @AloneNite on Twitter * Follow on Medium * Follow Telegram Group * Follow Announcement Channel * Submit your Algorand Wallet Address