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Alphas, Fangs, and Shifters July Giveaway
Looking for some AMAZING new paranormal romance books to dive into? Join the monthly Alpha, Fangs, and Shifter book giveaway for a chance to win a pile of eBooks and a $40 Amazon Giftcard. Come back daily for more chances to win. Share with your friends for more entries. Follow the authors on social media for even more opportunities to win. Don't forget to join us over on Facebook in our Alphas, Fangs, and Shifters reader group to discover new authors, books, and general discussion on all things paranormal! https://www.facebook.com/groups/alphasfangsandshifters/ US only/21+ only Entry Methods: * Alphas, Fangs, and Shifters July Giveaway #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Like Mila Young on Facebook * Like Ashton Abbott on Facebook * Like Gina Manis on Facebook * Like Quell T. Fox on Facebook Page * Like N.J. Adel on Facebook * Like Cin Imbernon * Like Destiny Diess * Like Emilia Rose on Facebook * Like Deidre Sequeira on Facebook * Like Ava Night on Facebook * Like Debbie Manber Kupfer on Facebook * Like Eva Brandt on Facebook * Like Barbra E Ross on Facebook * Like Rayven Latoi on Facebook * Mila Young Facebook Group * Gina Manis Facebook Group * Quell T. Fox Facebook Group * N.J. Adel Facebook Group * Cin Imbernon Facebook Group * Destiny Deiss Facebook Group * Emilia Rose Facebook Group * Deidra Sequeira Facebook Group * Ava Night Facebook Group * Debbie Manber Kupfer Facebook Group * Eva Brandt Facebook Group * Rayven Latoi Facebook Group * Mila Young on Instagram - mila_young_wicked * Ashton Abbott on Instagram - _ashtonabbott_ * Gina Manis on Instagram - gnmanis * Quell T. Fox on Instagram - Quell T. Fox * N.J. Adel on Instagram - n.jadel * Cin Imbernon on Instagram - cinimbernon * Destiny Diess on Instagram - destinydiess * Emilia Rose on Instagram - emiliarosewriting * Deidre Sequeira on Instagram - storytellerdeidre * Ava Night on Instagram - author.ava.night * Barbra E. Ross on Instagram - barbraeross * Rayven Latoi - rlwilson23 * Mila Young Newsletter * Ashton Abbott Newsletter * Gina Manis Newsletter * N.J. Adel Newsletter * Cin Imbernon Newsletter * Destiny Diess Newsletter * Emilia Rose Newsletter * Deidre Sequeira Newsletter * Ava Night Newsletter * Debbie Manber Kupfer Newsletter * Eva Brandt Newsletter * T.K. Eldridge Newsletter * Barbra E Ross Newsletter * Rayven Latoi * Mila Young on Amazon * Ashton Abbott on Amazon * Gina Manis on Amazon * Quell T. Fox on Amazon * N.J. Adel on Amazon * Cin Imbernon on Amazon * Destiny Diess on Amazon * Emilia Rose on Amazon * Deidre Sequeira on Amazon * Ava Night on Amazon * Debbie Manber Kupfer on Amazon * Eva Brandt on Amazon * T.K. Eldridge on Amazon * Barbra E Ross on Amazon * Rayven Latoi on Amazon * Mila Young on BookBub * Ashton Abbott on BookBub * Gina Manis on BookBub * Quell T. Fox on BookBub * N.J. Adel on BookBub * Cin Imbernon on BookBub * Destiny Diess on BookBub * Emilia Rose on BookBub * Deidre Sequeira on BookBub * Ava Night on BookBub * Debbie Manber Kupfer on BookBub * Eva Brandt on BookBub * Barbra E Ross on BookBub * Rayven Latoi on BookBub * Mila Young on Goodreads * Ashton Abbott on Goodreads * Gina Manis on Goodreads * Quell T. Fox on Goodreads * N.J. Adel on Goodreads * Cin Imbernon on Goodreads * Destiny Diess on Goodreads * Emilia Rose on Goodreads * Deidre Sequeira on Goodreads * Ava Night on Goodreads * Debbie Manber Kupfer on Goodreads * Eva Brandt on Goodreads