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KuCoin & Altpay Finance: 2,00,000 ALTPAY to Give Away!
๐ŸŽ‰ KuCoin is teaming up with Altpay Finance to give away 2,00,000 ALTPAY! ๐ŸŽ‰ Users who complete all the gleam tasks will win an equal share of a 2,00,000 ALTPAY prize pool! Entry Methods: * What's your KuCoin UID?: Please fill in your KuCoin UID (8 or 9 digit number) * Follow @kucoincom on Twitter * Follow @AltpayFinance on Twitter * Join @AltpayChat on Telegram * Join @AltpayAnnouncements on Telegram * Refer Friends For Extra Entries
ALTPAY is worldโ€™s first platform that will support all minor and major crypto currencies listed on coinmarketcap and coingecko. ALTPAY Finance is a payment system that enables you to use the coin and spend it independently alongside a system that grows in synergy with the coin. The ALTPAY token will be implemented as a BEP-20 compatible token over the binance smart chain. Only 2000 Lucky winners will get whitelisted for ALTPAY FINANCE IDO SALE (200 Top winners and 1800 Random Lucky winners will be selected) IDO SALE PRICE 1 ALTPAY = $0.03 LISTING PRICE = $0.15 (5X) IDO Sale Starts: 30 July 10 AM UTC Softcap: 300 BNB Hardcap: 500 BNB Max Allocation Of 10 BNB For Every Winner Pancakeswap Listing: 4 August 2022 MEXC, KUCOIN, HOTBIT Exchange Listing: 10 August 2022 Entry Methods: * Follow @AltpayFinance on Twitter * Follow @Adrian_Altpay on Twitter * Retweet @AltpayFinance on Twitter * Join @AltpayAnnouncements on Telegram * Join @AltpayChat on Telegram * Submit Your Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) Wallet Address * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Tweet on Twitter * Follow ALTPAY FINANCE on instagram * Follow ALTPAY FINANCE on medium * Take a look at ALTPAY's Whitepaper * Which cryptocurrencies will get accepted by Altpay Finance