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Andy The Guitar Geek's 60K Giveaway with PedalTrain
60K PEDAL TRAIN GIVEAWAY! I am very happy to welcome over 60 THOUSAND guitar geeks to my channel and thanks to PedalTrain, I have $500 of prizes to give away! 1st Prize - PedalTrain Nightlight Distortion “Nightlight” is on the darker side, asymmetrical, gainy, somewhere between overdrive and distortion. It is a broader, full-bodied, beefier, sound than Daylight. This pedal is very dynamic and touch sensitive. 2nd Prize - Pedaltrain Daylight Distortion “Daylight” is a symmetrical overdrive, on the brighter side (hence the name). It is a pleasantly dynamic, musical, and focused. 3rd Prize - Pedaltrain Metro 16 PedalBoard with Soft Case The Metro Series is Pedaltrain’s three-rail pedal board system. Pedaltrain’s Metro Series is perfect for players who need a portable, grab-and-go solution. Musicians who live or work in urban settings or tight spaces will appreciate Metro’s low profile and horizontal orientation. Thanks to Pedaltrain’s modified rail system, even the smallest pedals make an incredibly strong bond with the pedal board. Metro Series is big enough for your essentials, including most multi effects units. Metro Series pedal boards are available for purchase with either Pedaltrain’s fitted soft case (featuring a heavy-duty metal zipper and reinforced stress points) or Pedaltrain's protective hard case. Simply enter your email address to be entered. This contest ends on 11/23/2022 and I will announce the winner via email. USA, EU AND UK ONLY Good Luck! From Andy PLEASE NOTE: I WILL NOT ASK YOU TO CONTACT ME VIA TELEGRAM OR ANY OTHER MESSAGING SERVICE. DO NOT ANSWER YOUTUBE COMMENTS TELLING YOU OTHERWISE Entry Methods: * Andy The Guitar Geek's 60K Giveaway with PedalTrain #giveaway #win * Subscribe to my channel on YouTube! * Check out PedalTrain at Sweetwater * Follow me on Instagram! - andyguitargeek * Follow Pedaltrain on Instagram! - pedaltrain