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Animalia x M1inted NFT ConFest Event
🎉ANIMALIA x M1INTED NFT CONFEST GIVEAWAY🎉 Total $5,000 worth of Giveaways!! With great power comes great utilities. Hodl your Genesis Alphas, as only YOU get: * NFT Staking * NFT APY Booster to stake $ANIM * Arcana tier critters with powerful card stats * Genesis Arcana Card front templates * Access to one of a kind NFTs * Access to a SECRET in-game feature if you hodl all 6 Alphas https://animalia.games/GenesisArcana Prizes: 🏆x 10 Genesis Arcana NFTs 🏆x 10 Animalia Closed Beta Access Monthly Pass How to Participate: ☑️ Comment on the twitter giveaway post & tag 3 friends ☑️ Complete the mandatory Gleam tasks ☑️ Increase your chance of winning by completing extra tasks Important Note: 💫The more entries you have, the higher your chance of winning! 💫Winners will be announced 24 hours after gleam campaign ends 💫Thank you for taking this journey with us! Best of luck to all participants! 💫Make sure to join our discord channel , role will be given via our official Discord channel. Those who are not in discord will be disqualified Entry Methods: * Submit your BEP-20 Wallet Address * Enter using Discord * Join Animalia Discord Server and say Hi! * Follow @Animalia_games on Twitter * Retweet @Animalia_games on Twitter * Join @Animalia_ANIM_Channel on Telegram * Visit animalia_games on Instagram * Visit Animalia on Facebook * Show us your Animalia NFT Physical Card * Post your Animalia NFT physical card on any social media that you like! (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) * Refer Friends For Extra Entries