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Witchy Series Starters
WIN THE OPENINGS OF 6 WITCH COZY SERIES GOLD VALLEY MYSTERIES BY APRIL BROWNE 1. Cupcakes and Crime The grand opening of Magnolia Winery is sure to make a splash. Sophia Bell, kitchen witch not so extraordinaire, is hired to cater the highly anticipated event. But the job is no icing on the cake, especially when she winds up as the prime suspect after the manager is murdered. 2. Weddings and Wickedness The Edwards wedding at the magnificent Blue Heron Casino promises to take the cake. And Sophia Bell and her clumsy, teen assistant Makayla are the ones to serve it. But when Makayla is arrested for murdering the best man, Sophia must clear the teen before becoming the next victim. GHOSTLY GROUNDS: CANINE CASPER COZY MYSTERIES BY SOPHIE LOVE 1. Murder and Breakfast. (Free) Marie Fortune has had enough of catering to the wealthy and their pampered dogs.So when her great-aunt leaves her an inheritance in a small coastal town in Maine where she remembers fond summers as a kid. The historic house would be great for a B&B, it sits high on a hill overlooking the harbor. But, it’s falling apart. And haunted. 2. Death and Brunch. Other B&B owners have heard of Marie’s ability to expel ghosts, and she finds herself, to her own surprise, in demand for her “services” from neighboring towns. It seems there are many B&Bs that need to have their ghosts cleansed. With her B&B failing, Marie, her trusted dog as her sidekick, has nothing to lose. But when she arrives to her first client—and someone unexpectedly dies—Marie realizes she may be in for more than she bargained for. Once again, she may have to solve the crime to save her own future. REG RAWLINGS, PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR BY PD WORKMAN 1. What the Cat Knew The fortune teller gig started as a scam, but Reg suddenly finds herself tangled up in the case of Warren Blake, a man who she thought was dead. It turns out he may still be alive, but in mortal peril. 2. A Psychic with Catitude Reg Rawlins is back in business, asked by Detective Jessup to consult on a missing persons case. Little does she know that it’s not your average teen runaway or kidnapping. There is something strange going on and time is running out for the teen. 3. A Catastrophic Theft Reg’s relationship with Sarah, who has been her loyal friend and protector since she arrived becomes strained when Sarah’s precious emerald necklace disappears. There is no shortage of suspects, with Reg herself at the front of the line. THE SUMMER SISTER’S WITCH COZY MYSTERIES BY A.M. KING 1.Witch Happens (Free) Febe Summer is not having a good day. Or a good year, for that matter. She lost her fiancé, her job, and her apartment all in one day—on her 25th birthday! Talk about the worst. Birthday. Ever! Oh, and she just found out, thanks to a dark family secret, that she’s not who she thought she was. She’s a witch! And she’s not allowed to practice magic—yet. When she moves back to her small hometown of Blackshore Bay, there’s more family drama than she can handle. Her aunties are out of control, her sister is being secretive and someone has murdered the malicious town gossip. Will she be able to find out whom, before it’s too late? 2.Life’s a Witch Being a witch is a lot more complicated than it looks. Febe’s just getting used to her magical powers and needs to pass a few tests before she is fully licensed to practice magic without restrictions. But after the murder of someone close to her, she becomes the prime suspect. Can she clear her name in time and find the real killer—with a little help from magic? COFFEE WITCH MYSTERIES BY JINTY JAMES 1.Spells and Spiced Latte (free) Maddie always thought Estherville was a sleepy kind of town, apart from the fact that when she was seven, she found an ancient book, Wytchcraft for the Chosen. Now, twenty years later, she can only cast one spell from the book – the Coffee Vision spell. But when she peeks into Joan’s future – one of her regular customers – she sees the middle-aged woman lying dead in her kitchen! 2.Visions and Vanilla Cappuccino The local coffee festival has people buzzing – but for all the wrong reasons. When an obnoxious radio personality is murdered, all signs point to Maddie, barista and witch, being the culprit! Maddie, Trixie (her familiar), and Suzanne (her best friend) are determined to clear Maddie’s name, and investigate their fellow competitors. LEMON TEA COZY MYSTERIES BY LUCY MAY 1.Witch You Wouldn’t Believe (Free) Violet Broussard gets called back to the hometown she left in the dust when a dead body is found in the abandoned factory bequeathed to her by her grandmother. Violet has big plans, and they most definitely don’t involve staying in Lemon Bliss any longer than necessary. The town is mostly famous for its lemon tea infused with enough alcohol to make one experience bliss, hence the town’s name. Yet, once she’s there, things get a tad wacky. Violet’s mother announces she’s a witch, and so is Violet and apparently half the freakin’ town. 2.A Spell to Tell Just when Violet’s starting to wonder if the dust has settled in Lemon Bliss, someone breaks into the town’s museum. Because everything in Lemon Bliss seems to be tangled up in magic, Violet isn’t the least bit surprised to discover every item stolen from the museum is connected to the ancient witch coven. With the witches running around trying to steal back their stolen items and hide their true power while they’re at it, Violet finds herself stooping to all kinds of magic. Entry Methods: * Witchy Series Starters #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries!