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April Community Giveaway
April is happy to announce our community giveaway, 50 lucky winners will win a grand total of $2,500 worth of APRIL tokens. We are currently in the seed round and soon our IDO/ILO will start, check back daily to do tasks to have a bigger chance at wining. EDIT: Make sure to follow us on telegram because that's where the winners will be announced, if you are not in the group anymore you're not going to be eligible to win your prize and that prize will be distributed to someone else randomly in the telegram channel. Seed round has started and APRIL = $0.01 For more information contact admin on telegram Prize distribution: 1st place: 50,000 APRIL 2nd place: 25,000 APRIL 3rd place: 17,500 APRIL 4th place: 12,500 APRIL 5th place: 10,000 APRIL 6-50th place: 3,000 APRIL Entry Methods: * Join our Telegram Channel * Follow @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Visit apriloracle on Instagram * View Photo on Instagram * Visit This Page to Enter * Follow @cryptomessenger on Twitter * Follow @newbiumcoin on Twitter * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Share on Facebook * Invite 3 friends to Telegram Channel * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter
April Telegram Referral Contest
Win $100 (busd) by Inviting your friends to April Telegram Group. 5 prizes of $100 are up for grabs. Prizes will only be paid out only if you & your invites are members of our Telegram Group. Entry Methods: * Telegram * Telegram * Telegram * Telegram * Telegram * Follow @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter * Blockfolio Listing Vote * Retweet @Aprilmyoracle on Twitter