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Artpic giveaway for artists and art lovers - win 13 Amazon Gift Cards Worth 2000$
1. ENTER 2. GET LUCKY3. WIN! This giveaway is primarily for artists and art lovers. Get to know Artpic & win one or more of 13 Amazon Gift Cards! All cards combined are worth 2000$. Artpic is a platform for artists and art lovers where you can show your art or just explore the artworks of various styles and topics. There are also weekly art challenges! All features are free, and if you like creating or admiring art, now is the perfect time to check it out. Because if you do, you can win some sweet Amazon Gift Cards! We will be giving away: - 1 gift card worth 1000$ - 1 gift card worth 500$ - 2 gift cards worth 100$ each - 4 gift cards worth 50$ each - 5 gift cards worth 20$ each Don't hesitate to enter; you have a huge chance to win! You can win more than one gift card, even all 13 of them. The higher the number of your entries, the higher your chance is to win. When the giveaway closes, 13 entries will be chosen as winning entries, and we will contact all the winners and announce them publicly (without disclosing private information). We will be giving away eGift Cards, which are redeemable worldwide. We will send them to your email inbox. Make sure you follow our social media accounts to be notified about more amazing giveaways in the future! Entry Methods: * Are you an artist or an art lover? * Sign up for our Artpic newsletter * Refer friends for extra entries * Enter using Twitter * Follow @ArtpicOfficial on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Retweet @ArtpicOfficial on Twitter * Enter using Facebook * Follow our Facebook page * Enter using Instagram * Follow our Instagram account * Enter using Pinterest * Enter Using YouTube * Enter using Reddit * Enter using Discord * Enter using Telegram * Answer a question (for artists and art lovers only): If you are an artist or an art lover and think of an art app or platform, which feature would be especially useful for you? * Visit our artpic.org website * Download our app * Click for a daily bonus entry * Claim Loyalty Bonus * Create an account in Artpic * Create an art post in Artpic * Create a challenge post in Artpic * Bonus 20 entries for completing 20 actions