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Asterik Collaboration NFT A to Z Giveaway
πŸ”₯ ASTERIK COLLABORATION NFT A TO Z GIVEAWAY πŸ”₯ Asterik is a project for people who always wanted to earn income from mining but couldn't do it due to some reasons. Mining machines, cooling systems, token distribution mechanisms, and everything in whitepaper.asterik.io The NFT A to Z is a community for everyone to learn, share knowledge, and update news on NFT investment, business, and trading. Special Reward for top 6 most entries point and whitelisted slots for 50 random lucky winners πŸ“š Activity live date: 10 June to 5 July 11.59 PM UTC Prize for the winner of top entries point Top 1: VGA RTX Ampere 3060Ti or 600 USDT Top 2-3: VGA RTX 3050 or 500 USDT Top 4-5-6: VGA GTX 1660 SUPER or 350 USDT whitelisted slots for 50 random lucky winners Join now: πŸ‘‰ https://gleam.io/sV9Td/asterik-collaboration-nft-a-to-z-giveaway πŸ“ŒWinner announcement & distribution: The end of the event & within 15 days after the event More announcements soon. 🌈 Be ready for the special thing! Website (https://asterik.io/) | Announcement (https://t.me/Asterikannouncement)| Telegram(Global) (https://t.me/Asterikglobalchat) |Discord(EN) (https://discord.com/asterik) |Twitter (https://twitter.com/ACE_Asterik)| Entry Methods: * What's your BEP20 wallet address?: What's your BEP20 wallet address? * Follow @ACE_Asterik on Twitter * Retweet @ACE_Asterik on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Join @Asterikannouncement on Telegram * Join @Asterikglobalchat on Telegram * Join Asterik Discord Server * Visit Asterik Website * Visit NFT A to Z on Facebook * Watch a video on TikTok * Refer Friends For Extra Entries