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14 Book Giveaway!
Enter to win a free copy of 14 books! Follow the authors for more entries! Each author will provide their own book to the winner. Entry Methods: * 14 Books #giveaway #win #Books #Readers * Join CR Robertson's Newsletter! * Follow Cassidy O'Conner on Bookbub * Follow Cassidy O'Conner on Amazon * Follow Connie Lafortune on Bookbub * Join M Kuranishi's Facebook Group * Follow Joel Crofoot on Amazon * Follow Joshua Griffith on Bookbub * Follow Joshua Griffith on Amazon * Follow Alexie Bolton on Amazon * Follow Jordan Leger on Amazon * Follow BJ Leger on Amazon * Follow Christa Ann on Amazon * Follow Lily Lamb on Amazon * Follow Toni Bolton on Bookbub!
Romance Paperback Prize Package!
Enter to win the grand prize of a free paperback copy of Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber, The Sinner by J. R. Ward, and Magical Midlife Madness by K.F. Breene! Remember to share the giveaway to get more entries! One second place winner will receive a free e-copy of Michael's Passion by Joel Crofoot, Toho by Jo Pilsworth, Old Kentucky Bourbon by Tiffany Carby, Gone Dutch by Louise Murchie, and The Spy Master's Redeemer by Alexie Bolton. This giveaway is hosted by the following authors: Joel Crofoot, Jo Pilsworth, Connie Lafortune, Tracy Traynor, Dawn Bolton, Louise Murchie, and Tiffany Carby. By entering the giveaway you are agreeing to receive marketing newsletters from these authors, where you will receive notifications of free books, hot new releases, the latest author sales, more giveaways, and so much more! The selected winners will have 3 days to respond, if they do not respond a new winner will be selected. The selected winner of the grand prize must provide a physical mailing address that they want the paperback books sent to via amazon. The physical address will be used only for that purpose, and no other. The second place winner will only have to supply an email address that they want to receive the ebook through. Winners will be contacted by Author Joel Crofoot. Each author is responsible for distributing their own ebooks to the second place winner. Entry Methods: * Romance Paperback Prize Package! #Readers #Paperback #Giveaway * Follow Joel Crofoot on Bookbub! * Follow Tiffany Carby on Bookbub! * Follow Louise Murchie on Instagram! - louisemurchieauthor * Subscribe to T. N. Traynor's blog! * Follow Connie Lafortune on Bookbub! * Like Jo Pilsworth on Facebook! - www.Facebook.com/JoPilsworthAuthor * Like Dawn Bolton on Facebook! - www.Facebook.com/DawnBolton