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Autism Parenting Summit Giveaway
BE ONE OF THE 15 LUCKY WINNERS OF AUTISM PARENTING SUMMIT GIVEAWAYS! ENTER TO WIN NOW! AND GET THE CHANCE TO WIN 3 AWESOME PRIZES! YES, NOT 1 BUT 3 AWESOME PRIZES ARE WAITING FOR EACH OF OUR 15 LUCKY WINNERS! Be one of our 15 Lucky Winners & receive (3) of the following prizes: * Tink Tank Animate Free Session * iQbuds Max Nuheara * Hap-Ally Box * Photo Story Book * Deluxe Big Mood Box * Meditate Mates Toy * Pack of Tony & Ava Undies * Cuddle Swing * Mimo Toy * Creating the Perfect Environment Course * Foundational Nutrition Support Bundle * Pocketfinder * Weighted Blanket * Schkidules Deluxe Collection Box Sets * One Down Dog - 1-month free yoga session * Speech Blubs Lifetime Membership * APM Super Back Issue Bundle * Specialty Needs Tutoring - Free Session * Autism Fitness ebook series * Nutrition Intervention for Autism and ADHD Online Program * Discount Vouchers from AAPC Publishing * Discount Voucher from Strong Education * Discount Voucher from Attwood and Garnett Events * Discount Voucher from AutiSpark * Discount Voucher from Safe Ride For Kid Entering is easy and simple: 1. Just enter your email address or Facebook above. 2. Confirm Your Entry by checking your email and hitting the "Confirm Your Entry" button! Then, you're good to go! **Make sure to click the 'Confirm Your Entry' button that is sent in your email otherwise your entry will be void and not counted! Note: All lucky winners and their prizes will be chosen by random drawing and will be notified via email on April 22, 2021. Entry Methods: * Autism Parenting Summit Giveaway #autism #AutismParentingSummit #giveaway #win * Sign for FREE Summit Pass * Like Autism Parenting Summit Facebook Page! * Follow Autism Parenting Summit on Instagram! - apsummit * Like Autism Parenting Magazine Facebook Page! * Follow Autism Parenting Magazine on Instagram! - autismparentingmagazine * Follow Nuheara on Instagram! - nuheara * Follow My Spectrum Heroes on Instagram! - myspectrumheroes * Follow Speech Blubs on Instagram! - speechblubs * Follow Aims Global on Instagram! - aimsglobal * Follow Hap-ally on Instagram! - hap.ally * Follow app.findmefindme on Instagram! - app.findmefindme * Follow Mood Swings on Instagram! - moodswingkids * Follow Specialty Needs Tutoring on Instagram! - speciality_needs_tutoring * Follow Meditate Mate on Instagram! - meditatematekids * Follow Tony & Ava on Instagram! - tonyandava * Follow Life in Colors on Instagram! - life__in__colors__ * Follow MiMo Toys on Instagram! - @mymimotoy * Follow One Down Dog on Instagram! - onedowndog * Follow Tink Tank Animate on Instagram! - tinktankanimate * Follow Pocketfinder on Instagram! - pocketfinderplus * Follow HAZLI on Instagram! - hazli_parents * Follow Schkidules on Instagram! - schkidules * Follow Attwood and Garnett Events on Instagram! - attwoodgarnett * Follow AAPC Publishing on Instagram! - aapcpublishing * Follow AutiSpark on Instagram! - autispark * Follow Safe Ride For Kids on Instagram! - saferide4kids * Follow Strong Education on Instagram! - specialstrong * Follow Autism Fitness on Instagram! - theautismfitness