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Avarik Saga "Mini-game" Giveaway
Play the Avarik Saga Mini-game and win 5 Avarik Saga Heroes NFT Event time: July 6-19, 2022 Event Rules 5 people who completed the entries will be randomly selected as winners! The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win the rewards. Note: Please ensure that your wallet address is connected to the Avarik Saga Mini-game. If you don't have an Avarik Saga NFT yet, you can purchase the heroes through the secondary market here at this link. All rewards will be distributed within 5 working days after the event ends. Entry Methods: * Retweet @avariksaga on Twitter * Follow @avariksaga on Twitter * Join Avarik Saga discord server * Enter Your Avarik Saga Mini-game Address * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Take a snapshot of you playing the minigame and post it on Twitter * Enter Secret Code from AMA
Buy 2 Avarik Saga NFT and win 1 Extra NFT for FREE! 📆 Event time: 15 - 18 August 2022 📌 Event Rules 1) Buy 2 Heroes of Avarik Saga NFT (with the same Faction) on OpenSea 2) Join our Discord & Submit your wallet address here 3) Complete other tasks to have a bigger chance to win & Maximize your chances by inviting friends! ğŸŽ 10 Winners will get an additional 1 Avarik Saga HERO NFT (with the same Faction) for FREE! Reward will be sent to winners within 1 day after the event has ended. Entry Methods: * Submit your wallet address * Join Avarik Saga Discord server * Follow @avariksaga on Twitter * Retweet @avariksaga on Twitter * Refer Friends For Extra Entries