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Fall for ME Giveaway!
Enter your email for a chance to win $340+ in fall-themed prizes, currated just for YOU! * Pumpkins & Gourds Cookie Decorating Tutorial (with decorating kit) by BeskeBakes (valued at $69.99) * Cozy Wool Socks by Three Angels (valued at $7.49) * Cassie Blanket by Iris Rhea (valued at $65) * Fall Pillow Cover by Cotton and Crate (valued at $22.99) * The Gratitude Journal by Catching Daisies Boutique (valued at $25.99) * “Fall in Love with Your Life” Crewneck Sweatshirt by IstiloPrints (valued at $44.99) * Orange Leopard Pumpkin Tee by RozyJune (valued at 34.99) * Bookworm Wood Wick Rustic Fall Candle by In Clover Company (valued at $21.99) * Fall Circle Drop Earrings by Lady Bear Collections (valued at $19.99) * Fall Pumpkin Socks by Life is Socks (valued at $14) * Sterling Silver Glitter Pumpkin Earrings (valued at $14.99) Winner must live in the US to qualify! By entering the giveaway, you consent to receive marketing materials from each of the businesses involved. Entry Methods: * Fall for ME Giveaway!! #giveaway #win * Follow BeskeBakes on Instagram! - beskebakes * Follow Iris Rhea on Instagram! - irisrhea_official * Follow Three Angels on Instagram! - shop3angels * Follow IstiloPrints on Instagram! - istiloprints * Follow In Clover Company on Instagram! - in.clover.co * Follow Catching Daisies Boutique on Instagram! - catchingdaisiesboutique * Follow Lady Bear Collections on Instagram! - ladybearcollections * Follow Life is Socks on Instagram! - lifeissocksshop * Follow Pecan Creek Designs on Instagram! - pecan_creek_designs * Follow Cotton and Crate on Instagram! - cottonandcrate * Follow RozyJune on Instagram! - rozy.june