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Paperback Book Day - Ageplay & Daddy Kink
July 30, is National Paperback Book Day, and some of your favourite authors of ageplay and daddy kink romance have teamed up to give you a chance to win one of twenty paperback prizes! Click here for the complete list of available prizes. HOW IT WORKS: Step 1: Enter your name and email address so we know who to contact if you're a winner. Step 2: Click the links and follow our authors on social media for bonus entries into the giveaway. Step 3: Come back every day for three more bonus entries. IF YOU'RE A WINNER: Winners will be selected and contacted via email on August 3rd and must respond within five days to claim their prize. Paperbacks will be randomly awarded, but we'll do our best to ensure reader satisfaction regarding pairing and content. This giveaway is open internationally, but not all books might be available to ship to all regions. Note: Event sponsor Book Boyfriend Buzz will collect email addresses for their Buzz Report newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. Entry Methods: * Paperback Book Day - Ageplay & Daddy Kink Paperback Book Day 2023 #3PeachyPAs #BookBoyfriendBuzz #B3 #Paperback #SignedBooks #PaperbackBookDay #DaddyKink #AgeplayRomance #MFromance #MMromance #ReadWithPride #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Follow Book Boyfriend Buzz on Instagram! - bookboyfriendbuzz * Follow 3 Peachy PAs on Instagram! - 3peachypas * Follow Rayanna Jamison on Tiktok * Join Kate Oliver's Play Space on Facebook! * Follow Kate Oliver on Bookbub! * Follow Kate Oliver on Goodreads! * Follow Pepper North on Tiktok! * Follow Pepper North on Goodreads! * Follow Pepper North on Bookbub! * Follow Jenna Thalia on Instagram! - authorjennathalia * Follow Jenna Thalia on TikTok! * Follow Jenna Thalia on Amazon! * Follow Rory Maxwell on Bookbub! * Follow E J Frost on Bookbub! * Follow Lucky Moon on Amazon! * Follow Lucky Moon on Bookbub! * Join Lucky's Lovely Readers on Facebook! * Follow Becca Jameson on Bookbub! * Follow Rose Nickol on Bookbub! * Follow Myf Wren on Instagram! - myfwren * Follow Myf Wren on Amazon! * Follow Charity Parkerson on Bookbub! * Follow RS McKenzie on Bookbub! * Follow TL Travis on Instagram! - tltravis1 * Follow TL Travis on Amazon! * Follow B Harmony on Amazon! * Follow B Harmony on Instagram! - bharmonyauthor * Follow Aria Grace on Amazon! * Follow Aria Grace on Bookbub! * Follow Rogue London on Instagram! - author_rogue_london * Follow Rogue London on Bookbub! * Follow R Phoenix on Instagram! - rphoenix_raissa * Follow R Phoenix on Amazon! * Follow R Phoenix on Tiktok * Follow Adara Wolf on Instagram! - adarawolf * Follow Adara Wolf on Amazon! * Follow Adara Wolf on Bookbub! * Follow L.G. Knight on Amazon! * Like L.G. Knight on Facebook! * Follow L.G. Knight on Instagram! - lgknightauthor * Join Luna David's Lunatic on Facebook! * Like Luna David on Facebook! * Follow Luna David on Tiktok