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Beauty and the Faith Launch Giveaway
Enter the Beauty and the Faith Launch Giveaway and be a part of the truth-driven movement recovering the beauty of arts and placemaking. Beauty and the Faith is a faith-driven, artistic, and entrepreneurial organization designed to unite and empower the contributors in the growing classical revival we see in the West. To accomplish this, we're hosting educational and networking events and developing the Together for Beauty marketplace app to facilitate the services that promote beauty, giving people an opportunity to boycott products and services that promote the modernist agenda. We are also on a mission to build beauty-only Arts Centres across Europe and the US. To celebrate the upcoming unveiling of our first location in Spain, we're offering an exclusive chance to win multiple prizes centered on the arts, Western philosophy, and business practices within Christian values. From inspiring books penned by renowned authors to top-quality apparel and guided music appreciation resources, this giveaway is a dream come true for conservative, Christian, and Catholic creative and entrepreneurial individuals. Fulfill your calling in facilitating the true, the good, and the beautiful by coming together and renewing minds. We're equipping leaders for a future that is challenging to face and transcending the falsehood, evil, and ugliness of modernist ideology. Join the giveaway today and unite with us in the mission that celebrates beauty and faith, and establishes communities for ideal creativity and placemaking for human flourishing. Prizes Include (ALL are individual, separate winners): * Three (3) digital movie tickets for Beauty and the Faith's online cinema (three separate winners) * One (1) Christ the King Dominus Invictus t-shirt * One (1) blue diamond Dominus Invictus t-shirt * One (1) physical copy of 12 Rules for Life by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson * One (1) physical copy of God's' Dog: Monster by Jonathan Pageau * One (1) physical copy of Faith Driven Entrepreneur by Henry Kaestner * One (1) physical copy of Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins * One (1) physical copy of Business Secrets from the Bible by Rabbi Daniel Lapin * One (1) physical copy of Listening to Western Music, 7th Edition by Craig Wright NOTE: By entering this giveaway, you consent to the use of the contact information you provide for marketing purposes. You also agree that any of our giveaway partners may use your contact info for marketing IF they've opted into a partnership with us. You may unsubscribe from anyone's list at any time. There is zero purchasing required or obligated before, during, and after this giveaway, as all items are freely given away on the basis of this giveaway promotion. Entry Methods: * Beauty and the Faith Launch Giveaway | #Art #Cinema #Beauty #Giveaway * Subscribe to our YouTube channel * Like us on Facebook * Follow us on Instagram - beautyandthefaithart * Subscribe to our podcast