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Marooned on Planet Android book box giveaway
Do you read sci fi romance? Do you like book swag? Then enter the draw to win a book box for Marooned on Planet Android, book 1 in a new sci fi romance series. The book box includes: * a signed copy of the book * character artwork card (art NOT created with generative AI) * handcrafted resin bookmark and page holder * assorted stationery items * USB reading light. BOOK BLURB: On a deep space mission to reconnect with a lost research colony, the crew of the Sunda Tiger discovers only androids with missing memories. What happened to the humans? Marcie is in the first expedition to the surface, seeking to prove she’s a capable engineer. While her fellow crew members remain wary of the androids, Marcie sees them as traumatised people, particularly her distractingly handsome guide... Altair cannot help but be drawn to the diminutive yet capable Marcie. For years, the androids have sought an answer to the mystery of what happened to their colony. Altair wishes they had found clues before humans arrived to help. Something, anything to reassure him that the threat to the humans, including Marcie, is not himself... While tensions rise between the human crew and the android settlement, tensions of a different kind build between Marcie and Altair. Marcie knows her crew mates wouldn’t understand her feelings if they knew. But how long can they keep their secret? And will the mystery threat of Research Colony 227C strike again? Marooned on Planet Android is a green flag sci fi romance with considerate partners, star-crossed lovers, forced proximity, and plenty of action and adventure. NOTE: By entering this giveaway, you will be joining my email newsletter. However, I'm not one to hold people on my list against their will. I hope that you'll stick around, but if you unsubscribe again, that's your business, and I hold no hard feelings. I'll be emailing the winner after the contest ends to request a physical mailing address. Entry Methods: * Marooned on Planet Android book box giveaway #giveaway #scifiromance #win * Check out where you can preorder the ebook * Follow me on Instagram! - Calanthe_colt