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Mountain Brook Ink and Mountain Brook Fire - Multi-Genre Author Giveaway
17 WINNERS! ***In order to open this contest up internationally, each author has chosen the format and genre they are able to give, which are listed below. 17 winners will be randomly chosen. 1st winner will have first choice among available prizes for your country. Remaining winners will be provided a list of remaining prizes to select from. If your choice is unavailable, another option may be offered. Because there are multiple winners and authors, it may take up to 7-10 days for all prizes to be awarded. The authors in this promotion write in several genres. Titles, Author, Genres, and Formats are listed below. Most if not all of these authors offer an additional incentive to EVERY ENTRANT who subscribes to their newsletter, often a FREE BOOK. As an added incentive for you to subscribe to these authors, you gain ADDITIONAL ENTRIES INTO THE DRAWING for each author you follow. THAT GIVES YOU MORE CHANCES TO WIN. So subscribe, learn a little about each author, and find new books to enjoy. Of course, you may unsubscribe at any time. TITLE - AUTHOR - GENRE - FORMAT SIDES - Bradley Caffee - YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian - eBook RAHAB’S COURAGE - Naomi Craig - Biblical Fiction - Paperback US, eBook Intl THE DAMSEL’S INTENT - Mary Davis - Historical Romance - Paperback THE SECRET OF STARDUST - Heather L.L. FitzGerald - YA Fantasy - Paperback IN SEARCH OF FOREVER - Patricia Lee - Contemporary Romance - Paperback RAIN - Dana McNeely - Biblical Fiction - Paperback or Audiobook COURTSHIP OF HARRY’S WIFE - Jeanette-Marie Mirich - Christian Mystery/Suspense - Paperback HOLD YOUR BREATH - Kristen Hogrefe Parnell - Romantic Suspense - eBook MADE LIKE MARTHA - Katie M. Reid - Women's Non-fiction - Paperback THE PROMISE OF DECEPTION - Jessica Sly - Speculative/Historical Fantasy - Paperback APRIL’S PROMISE - Terrie Todd - Historical Fiction - Paperback EMMA’S HERO - Carrie Walker - Contemporary Romance - Paperback ONE WOMAN FALLING - Melanie Campbell - Women's Fiction - Paperback THE GLASS BOTTOM BOAT - Laura Thomas - Romantic Suspense - Paperback HILLS OF NEVERMORE - Janalyn Voight - Historical Romance - Paperback MBF book of your choice - Mountain Brook Fire - Speculative Fiction - Paperback Choice from WOMEN OF THE WEST series - Miralee Ferrell - Western Historical Fiction - Paperback Entry Methods: * Mountain Brook Ink and Mountain Brook Fire - Multi-Genre Author Giveaway #giveaway #win * Follow Bradley Caffee's Newsletter * Follow Mary Davis's Newsletter * Follow Naomi Craig's Newsletter * Follow Heather L.L. FitGerald's Newsletter * Follow Patricia Lee's Newsletter * Follow Dana McNeely's Newsletter * Follow Jeanette-Marie Mirich's Newsletter * Follow Kristen Hogrefe Parnell's Newsletter * Follow Katie M. Reid's Newsletter * Follow Jessica Sly's Newsletter * Follow Terrie Todd's Newsletter * Follow Carrie Walker's Newsletter * Follow Melanie Campbell's Newsletter * Follow Laura Thomas's Newsletter * Follow Janalyn Voight's Newsletter * Follow Mountain Brook Fire Newsletter * Follow Mountain Brook Ink Newsletter