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Romance MAY-hem
All winners chosen at random by the Kingsumo algorithm the more entries the better the odds. Make sure you confirm your entry in your email(check your spam) Read all the information provided below before entering. You will not be eligible to claim any potential prize winning if you are not following every author listed. This will be checked. Make sure you click follow, not just the link. You can always come back and follow the rest, but everyone must be followed. First place: $100 amazon e-giftcard, paperback books & SM swag pack Second place: $50 amazon e-giftcard, blind date with an author book box Third place: $50 amazon e-giftcard & SM swag pack Fourth place: $50 amazon e-giftcard & SM swag pack **BY ENTERING THE ROMANCE MAYHEM GIVEAWAY YOU ARE AGREEING TO RECEIVE AT MINIMUM MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTERS FROM ALL 20 PARTICIPATING AUTHORS.** Entry Methods: * Romance MAY-hem #giveaway #romance * Torri Heat's TikTok * Sionna Trenz's TikTok * Kris Butler's TikTok * Daria Loshlin's TikTok * Breanna Lynn's TikTok * B.J. Hill's TikTok * Nikki Lamers' TikTok * All That Swag Shop * Alexandra Grace's TikTok * Nola Marie's TikTok * Brittany Tarkington's TikTok * Eve M Riley's TikTok * Devin Sloane's TikTok * M.A. Foster's TikTok * Kandie Kissimmie * Evie Alexander * Samantha Michael's TikTok * N. Dune's TikTok * Stacy Kristen's TikTok * Cat Wynn's TikTok * Sybil Knight & Dahlia Reign's TikTok * Autumn Key's TikTok * Like Daria on Facebook! * Like Autumn on Facebook! * Like Nola on Facebook! * Like Nikki on Facebook! * Like Breanna on Facebook! * Like Sionna on Facebook! * Like Torri on Facebook! * Like Kris on Facebook! * Like Devin on Facebook! * Like B.J. on Facebook! * Like Brittany on Facebook! * Like M.A. on Facebook! * Like Samantha on Facebook! * Like Cat on Facebook! * Like N. Dune on Facebook! * Like Evie on Facebook! * Like Alexandra on Facebook! * Like Eve on Facebook! * Like Stacy on Facebook! * Follow Kandie on Instagram! - kandiekissimmie * Follow Daria on Instagram! - authordarialoshlin * Mia Wolf's TikTok * S.M. Cato's TikTok * Follow Mia on Instagram! - authormiawolf