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DeGame&MillionWinner AIRDROP PLAN
📢 Come and join DeGame&MillionWinner AIRDROP PLAN! 📢 5 Character NFT + 50 Character NFT whitelist + 200 Rover NFT FreeMint + 300USDT are waiting for you! How prizes are distributed 1. 1st in the number of invited players:100USDT & 1 Character NFT 2. 2nd in the number of invited players:80USDT & 1 Character NFT 3. 3rd in the number of invited players:60USDT & 1 Character NFT 4. 4th - 5th in the number of invited players:30USDT & 1 Character NFT 5. 6th - 55th in the number of invited players:Character NFT whitelist 6. 56th - 255th in the number of invited players:200 Rover NFT FreeMint Competition rules 1. Fill in the BEP20 address 2. Follow @MillionWinner Twitter 3. Follow @DeGame Twitter 4.Retweet the post and tag 3 friends 5. Join MillionWinner Discord 6. Join the DeGame Discord 7. Join DeGame's Telegram 8. Join MillionWinner's Telegram 9.Follow MillionWinner' medium 10. Visit MillionWinner's page on DeGame's Website:https://degame.com/en/game/millionwinner/ Do Note 1.By partaking in this event, you are aware that the airdrop winners will either be chosen at random or through top entries and invites. 2.Participants ought to remain patient once the event is over. There'll be many entries so it takes time to sort everything out neatly. 3.We pride ourselves on confidentiality. By providing your personal information and wallet address, we assure you that your details will not be shared. 4.We do not tolerate toxic behaviors. We will take necessary actions if we are met with hostility. 5.All entries of details are final after the end of the airdrop. No changes may be made thereafter. 6.In an event whereby any wrong wallet address fill and transfer are not successful, the airdrops to that particular wallet will be forfeited. Entry Methods: * Follow @Million__Winner on Twitter * Follow @DeGame_l2y on Twitter * Retweet @Million__Winner on Twitter * Join Million Winner Discord server * Join DeGame Discord server * Join @millionwinner on Telegram * Join @millionanswer on Telegram * Join @l2ycommunity on Telegram * Follow MillionWinner's medium * Visit MillionWinner's page on DeGame's Website