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What happen if: Human Resource + Blockchain + Verified Information + NFT Characters? It is DeHR The Future of Human Resources
THE PROGRAM DeHR will launch a new concept called “Connect To Earn”. With DeHR, you will have more opportunities to find a dream job while controlling your own data and earning passive income in a decentralized platform. DeHR will distribute the MVP version of DeHR Apps to selected testers so they can test, experience it and then provide us with valuable feedback starting on 5th Oct 2021. Steps to follow 1. Finish all Missions in Gleam. The top 500 participants with the highest points will be listed on DeHR’s social media, and they will receive 1000 IDO tickets (2 tickets/slot/person) and get the chance to join the Early Supporter Private Sale lucky slots up to $3000. Remember to input your username when testing the MVP app to help proper reconciliation in claiming rewards. Again, with the idea of “Connection to Earn”, connect and share more to be the 500 highest points and join the Program with DeHR. 2. The marketing team will work based on the email list collected from Gleam to send the list of information needed for the Private Sale assessment in a pre-determined template. 3. Testers need to send email to Admin@dehr.network with the required information as in #2 to enter the private sale assessment. Again, the assessment process of our Private Sale will not guarantee 100% chances to all 500 testers. The Early Supporters Private Sale will be chosen carefully from the Due Diligent team among all participants. The Schedule We will announce the list of 500 selected testers who win 1000 IDO Tickets (2 tickets each) and are eligible to apply for the Early Supporter Private Sales on 8PM GMT+7, 13th Oct 2021 on DeHR Social Medias as of follows: Telegram Group: t.me/dehrofficialgr Website: https://dehr.network Telegram Channel: t.me/dehroffoicialchn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dehrnetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dehrofficial Notes 1. Multi-accounts and/or bots are not allowed. The information must be true and correct. Failure to do so will result in the forfeit of your entries. 2. All communications will be announced on the DeHR Official Website and Social Media. Stay alert to avoid scams & frauds!! 3. All feedbacks & questions regarding the MVP launching or any other information, please contact us on the Telegram group so that our admins and moderators can support you 4. The MVP version is running on testnet in which the rewarding is not yet activated. we will distribute all rewards to your wallet/account upon launching on the mainnet Entry Methods: * Connect us on Facebook * Join DeHR Telegram Group * Follow DeHR Telegram Channel * Follow @DehrOfficial on Twitter * Retweet @DehrOfficial on Twitter * Download MVP Testing. To sign in and KYC, input the code "0000". Don't worry, it's just the MVP version, we do not store your datas in any form. * MVP Profile Mission: What is your email used to sign in to MVP? * Email To Contact For Claiming Reward: What is your email address? * Get 1 Point For Each Successful Invitation (Unlimited Point)