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MEDIAVERSE DAO MediaVerse DAO was founded by a former data scientist of Microsoft. International-level NFT project, supported by Silicon Valley VC and won international awards. The team is committed to establishing e-commerce on Web3.0. By assisting merchants to issue NFTs to implement virtual-real integration services, merchants can actually settle in MediaVerse (Multi-Chain Universe - Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Avalanche) ).At the same time, our self-designed 3D engine provides a fast and excellent display space, allowing users to freely Watch and trade freely, and realize the virtual world on web 3.0. Welcome to MediaVerse DAO to decorate your imagination. 自主研發3D引擎,希望透過虛擬貨幣的流通與NFT作為身份象徵及驗證,提高NFT的流通性並整合實體商家建立虛實整合的平台。 團隊的實力有獲得國際認證,入選Garage+ (時代基金會與MIT共同在台投資之加速器) 外,更通過科技部的遴選於年初前往CES參展,並於展會期間獲得矽谷新創孵化器SVA的認可 在web3.0及元宇宙世界成為現象級的電商平台是我們的使命,以去中心化自治、整合多鏈系統、支援主流錢包等特性去開拓新的NFT平台 獎項: 1. LINQ NFC感應式名片x2 2.行動傳訊家族20M高階網路線x2 3.Logitech USB滑鼠x1 4.Tablepro Mg2 輕藍音箱x1 5. Logitech 鍵盤x1 6.MediaVerse白名單x10 7.雙子廣告看板x2 8.主島1x1 土地x5 9.主島3x3土地x1 10. 100U x2 Awards: 1. LINQ NFC Inductive Buiness card x2 2.ktnet 20M high-end network line x2 3.Logitech USB mousex1 4.Tablepro Mg2 blue-tooth speakerx1 5. Logitech keyboard x1 6.MediaVerse white list x10 7.twin-island billboardx2 8.main-island Standard(1x1) land x5 9.main-island Large(3x3)land x1 10. 100 U x2 Entry Methods: * Follow @media_app_ on Twitter * Retweet @media_app_ on Twitter * JoIN OUR DISCORD * Visit MEDIVERSE WEBSITE * Refer Friends For Extra Entries