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Deep Tempo's Huge 50th Podcast Giveaway
BIG thank you to all the labels and artists who made this giveaway possible πŸ™ Please support them by dropping them a follow on their socials and platforms. It goes a long way, interacting and supporting the music via their channels. 6 prizes up for grabs * Deep Heads - 1x Dubstep Vol . 3 Test Press, DT Sicker Pack * Navy Cut - 1x Hijinix - Venom EP Vinyl, DT Sicker Pack * Hold Tight Records - 1x Winbread EP Vinyl, DT Sicker Pack * Duploc - 1x Temple of Mungk LP Vinyl Sampler, DT Sicker Pack * Deep Medi - 1x Banshee EP Vinyl, T-Shirt, DT & Medi Sticker Pack, Deep Medi Pin * Deep Dark & Dangerous - 1x Hypho - Sufferin' EP Vinyl, Manuka Hat, DT Sicker Pack Final entry for this giveaway is 5pm Friday 14th May The 6 winners will be randomly selected and announced in our Podcast S03 EP10. (Out 5pm Wednesday 19th May) Winners will be emailed on the 20th May from which they will have 1 week to reply to claim their prize and provide their address. Should they fail to reply in this time we will randomly select an alternative winner. GOOD LUCK! C-BO & CUTTAH πŸ–€πŸ‘Š Entry Methods: * Sign up for the Deep Tempo Newsletter * Visit deeptempo140 on Instagram * Visit Deep Tempo on Facebook * Follow @deeptempo140 on Twitter * Visit Deep Tempo on YouTube * Follow Deep Tempo - Dubstep Podcast on Spotify * Follow Deeptempo140 on SoundCloud * Visit deepheads on Instagram * Visit Deep Heads on Facebook * Visit holdtightrecords on Instagram * Follow Hold Tight Records on SoundCloud * Visit navycutuk on Instagram * Follow Navycut Uk on SoundCloud * Visit deepmedimusik on Instagram * Follow Deep Medi Musik on SoundCloud * Visit DUPLOC on Facebook * Visit duploc.com on YouTube * Follow deepdarkanddangerous on Twitch * Visit Deep Dark & Dangerous on YouTube * Visit Infernal Sounds on Facebook * Visit Infernal Sounds on YouTube