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Deepbrainchain Airdrop
DeepBrain Chain- building the most important computing infrastructure in the era of AI + Metaverse The vision of DeepBrain Chain is to build an infinitely scalable distributed high-performance computing network and become the most important computing infrastructure in the era of AI+ metaverse. DeepBrain Chain contains three important parts: high-performance computing network, blockchain mainnet and GPU computing mainnet. The high-performance computing network was officially launched at the end of 2018, blockchain mainnet was launched on May 20th, 2021, and GPU computing mainnet was launched on November 22nd. The main network of DeepBrainChain is developed based on Polkadot Substrate. DeepBrainChain is also one of the few high-performance computing projects that have achieved large-scale implementation in the blockchain industry. Since its establishment, DeepBrain Chain has been committed to improving the ease of DeepBrain Chain's computing power network. Usability and promotion of commercialization, and made great progress. It has been widely used in various scenarios such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud games, visual rendering, biopharmaceuticals, semiconductor simulation and simulation, and has provided many companies with high Cost-effective GPU computing power. Accumulatively, more than 50 manufacturers around the world have deployed high-performance GPU cloud platforms based on the DeepBrain Chain network, serving hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of AI developer groups. The selected winners will be rewarded with DBC tokens Entry Methods: * Enter the Giveaway and Daily Entry * Create DBC Wallet * Enter using Twitter * Follow @deepbrainchain on Twitter * Follow @deepbrainfeng on Twitter * Follow @DBC_ASEAN on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Retweet @DBC_ASEAN on Twitter * Join @deepbrainchainglobal on Telegram * Answer a Question: Tell me about the deepbrain chain that you know ? * Submit Your DBC Wallet Address * Refer Friends For Extra Entries