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Teen Dacc Mint Giveaway & Friday the 13th Discord Party
Thank you for entering this contest, you've been entered to win 1 of 20 free Teen Dacc Mints. This FRIDAY the 13th, we will be holding another Payday Party Event on the Dacc Discord Server! Get READY to party with the Degens this FRIDAY! https://discord.gg/JHfXn27V There is a week-long sweep contest going on right now! On Friday, we will host 12 rumble matches for prizes. There will also be traits contests! Lots of fun, and lots of games, come join us! Entry Methods: * Enter using Discord * Join our Discord Channel, hang out with us Friday the 13th for more giveaways * Retweet @foxsae_real on Twitter * Retweet @foxsae_real on Twitter * Follow @degenapecroclub on Twitter * Follow @foxsae_real on Twitter * Read this article about Teen DACC
Introducing the Teen DACC NFT collection, free mint giveaway
The Teen DACC NFT collection will not merely be cool and collectible art. Teen DACC will be an investment project! 60% of the mint funds will be invested into a staking pool, and the revenues generated from that staking pool will be paid out weekly to staked asset holders. This competition will run for one week, Monday to Monday. There will be 25 winners! Each winner will receive one free mint when the mint site launches next month. Enter the contest! Join our community! Entry Methods: * Join the DACC Discord Server * Follow @foxsae_real on Twitter * Follow @degenapecroclub on Twitter * Retweet @foxsae_real on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Read this Medium article about Degen Apes Cronos Club