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Safuu Blog Scavenger Hunt
TIME SENSITIVE VAULT OPENING! To reward our loyal followers and celebrate the donations we have received, we are doing a SCAVENGER HUNT! What we have here is a digital safe containing 30 Safuu! It requires 5 codes, each known by one of the Blog contributors: Code Bearers : * Hank * LegendAri * Conferment_RM * Queen Mal * The Legendary Man Who Never Sold Each one of us will post our code in a blog post or video over the next 7 days, hidden for the community to find. Once a code is found, enter it into this competition site for 5 entries. When you have all 5 codes, you can redeem the bonus action to open the safe and get 25 additional entries! If you are the first to do so, you win big! WINNING 1. The first person to get all the codes and redeem the bonus action gets a grand prize of 15 Safuu. 2. However, for anyone else who participated, there are 3 prizes of 5 Safuu to be drawn, with a greater chance to win depending on how many entries you have gotten. 3. Only people who have gotten at least 1 code are eligible for the secondary draw Happy code hunting! Entry Methods: * Enter your BSC address * LegendAri Code * Hank Code * Queen Mal Code * Conferment_RM Code * The Legendary Man Who Never Sold Code * Crack The Safe! (After 5 codes)
London Advertising Social Media
HEY SUFFIANS! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! INFORMATION: To celebrate the release of the new advertising campaign and to promote awareness to the rest of the greater crypto space, we are giving away 20 Safuu to the community in exchange for posting on social media about the new promotion. RULES: * To enter, you will need to make a social media post including a picture of the London advertisement and a short description. This picture can be from another user, but the description for the post has to be unique. * Entries must feature the advertisement clear enough that the QR can be scanned from the image. * Entries with just a Discord ID or BSC address will be disqualified. This contest will run for the next 7 days and is not exclusively for current UK residents, as the focus is to cultivate awareness. I will not moderate nor stop people from using photos taken by other people, but I require you to write something unique on your post. REWARDS After the competition ends, I will randomly choose 5 entries out of any post that follows the rules above and pay out to the BSC address submitted as part of this giveaway. BONUS Submitting posts on all the social media platforms will award the entrant 5 additional entries, increasing their chances of winning. Let's get the word out there! -Ari Entry Methods: * BSC Address * Retweet @safuuprotocol on Twitter * Select Post From Twitter * Select Post From Instagram * Select Post From Facebook * Complete All For 5 Bonus Entries