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EXCLUSIVE VIP Entrepreneur Coaching & Development Package worth $4600
Hey there, my entrepreneurial friend! Ever wonder why that business idea you’ve got is still just an idea? Imagine, for a minute, that you could snap your fingers, and a whole year goes by. Now, imagine looking back at that year, and being amazed at how much progress you’ve made! Progress that’s built clarity and confidence, and helped define the actions needed to stop dreaming, and get down to business, and be your most effective. And it’s been a blast! * Connecting with amazing people. * Learning things about yourself and others, and how to tap into ideas from neuroscience to be at your most effective. * Masterminding with like-minded entrepreneurs. * You’ve practised networking skills and elevator pitches so that they’ve become second nature. * You’ve benefitted from hot seat style group coaching, learning as much from others as from your own coaching And you know what? You’ve realised that this is just the start - you stand there, confidently holding the keys to everything else you want to do and achieve. How awesome does that sound? If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or solopreneur, I’ve built this system with you in mind. I’ve taken the lessons I’ve learned from almost two decades of building and running businesses and blended that with professional coaching techniques. They're developed to help you apply information from the cutting edge of neuroscience, so you can tap into your brain’s potential, and get it working for you, not against you. Forget websites and software and all the rest for a second. The brain is the most fascinating, potential-filled tool we’ve got. That’s why they call it the super-computer between our ears! And like any computer - the more we understand about how it works, and what it’s capable of, the more we can get out of it. Then we can get out of our own way, and use this amazing piece of kit to reach our goals, improve our lives and connections with other people, and make our contribution to the world! Whether or not you’ve already started a busines, or you're still thinking about it, I believe that there is always something we can do to tend the fire of our ambition. The Ambition Incubator Collective is the perfect blend of hands on activities and deep thought to suit entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like you, as you set out to plan and execute your vision. I’m Deirdre Morrison, founder of The Ambition Incubator Collective and host of the Ambition Incubator Podcast. I spent many years on my entrepreneurial journey making things harder for myself than they needed to be. These days, I use that experience, combined with information and applied techniques from the field of neuroscience, to help people like you - people with ideas that deserve to become reality - to develop a better understanding of that wobbly, grey super-computer in your head, so that you can do the things you’re capable of with confidence, resilience and effectiveness. And you’d be surprised how simple and fun some of these tools and techniques are! It’s not rocket science - it’s even better! It’s neuroscience. Prize includes: 1 Annual Membership of the Ambition Incubator Collective worth $1200 1 x 12 month tailored coaching package (12 hours) worth $3400 Total Value $4600. This package is not available anywhere else. And there is only one - so take advantage of the bonus entries! The Ambition Incubator Collective is designed for anyone who wants to develop the skills and mindset required to start, build, or stay the course as an entrepreneur. Our members programme, is geared towards creating quality support for entrepreneurs through regular live events including: Hotseat style coaching Masterminding 2.0 Step-up Networking Dynamic Collaborative Group Reading. Weekly co-working sessions A private members platform You'll have the opportunity to learn with and from a peer group, * explore some of the most enduring concepts in business development, * find accountability and * benefit from experience within the collective through working with small groups. I'm looking forward to getting your entry! And remember, it's all about possibilities! Deirdre There are no cash alternatives for this prize. Prize is subject to all Ambition Incubator normal T&Cs. Entry Methods: * EXCLUSIVE VIP Entrepreneur Coaching & Development Package worth $4600 #giveaway #win * Subscribe to my podcast! - ambitionincubator.com/podcast * Like us on Facebook!