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$500 Cash Prize for Top 10 Promoters
DiamondTime ($DTT) Thank you for participating in the $DTT cash prize contest. There is a $500 cash prize for the top 10 ranked promoters based on the number of entries. Cash prizes will be distributed to the user wallet address on the competition completion date of June 19 at 6 PM UTC. Telegram: https://t.me/DiamondTimeToken Web: http://diamondtime.site Entry Methods: * Wallet Address (BSC): Enter your BSC wallet address to receive the cash prize. * Join our Telegram * Follow @DiamondTime8 on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Enter Our Giveaway! * Share With Your Friends To Unlock Extra Entries
$HOWLMOON REWARDS THIS IS NOT WHITELIST FOR PRESALE! PRESALE IS PUBLIC ANYONE CAN BUY AT https://app.unicrypt.network/amm/pancake-v2/ilo/0xE064Ab4E0e525d48b2d9eF3e98B49C0F1E9a59eD We offering 5% of the total supply for rewarding early members and promoters. Reward tokens will be distributed to user wallet address after presale completion date. Completing all the tasks is very important to receive your rewards. Do join the contests to win more rewards as you share. Rewards per address : 10,000,000,000 $HOWLMOON Rewards distribution date: 06-06-2021 Rewards will be automatically distributed to user wallet address on given date which you can trade on Pancakeswap V2. To know more join us on https://t.me/HowlMoonOfficial Entry Methods: * Join $HowlMoonOfficial Telegram * Invite your Friend * Participate in Presale * Follow @HOWLMOON3 on Twitter * Upvote $HOWLMOON on CoinSniper * Share With Your Friends To Unlock Extra Entries * Your Reward Wallet Address