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THE BEST HOLIDAY GIFTS FOR DOGS CAN ALL BE YOURS! PRIZES WORTH OVER $600 IN TOTAL! We've sniffed out everything DOG GONE PAWESOME for dogs (and dog lovers) this year, and we're giving them ALL away! Embark Dog DNA Test Kit ... Your dog is 100% adorable and now you can find out her/his exact breed mix and unique health needs Pooch Selfie ... Get the perfect shot without a struggle Starbarks Plush Toy ... Squeaky, eye-catching parody plush toys that let your pups be like you as they get their morning fix Chewy Vuiton Chew Toy ... Squeaky, stylish designer parody plush toys for fashion hounds EverPup Ultimate Daily Supplement ... to keep your pup happy and healthy Zoo Snoods ... Make your pup look fur-some with a costume from Zoo Snoods Grrona and Lick Croix Plush Toys ... it’s always happy hour for pups with these squeaky, eye-catching parody plush toys of popular drinks Aquapaw ... you and your pup will both love it - indoors or out It's easy to enter the giveaway using your email or social media accounts to enter. Get MAXIMUM Entries by Completing All Ten Steps Entry Methods: * Follow/Subscribe On Apple Podcasts * Follow/Subscribe on Spotify * Subscribe on Google Podcasts * Join Dog Podcast Network's FREE Newsletter * Visit Dog Podcast Network on YouTube * Visit dogedition on Facebook * Follow @DogPodcastNet on Twitter * Visit dogeditionpodcast on Instagram * Listen to the Best Dog Gifts Episode for More Entries * Share With Your Friends For More Chances To Win