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Ultimate Outdoors Lamp: Over $100 Worth of Cubelamp
Are you a outdoor person? Hiking, Camping or ultimately Cycling but always have a lamp that runs out half way when you need it most? REGISTER FOR EARLY DISCOUNT https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/extrobes/cubelamp EXTROBES - Super excited to announce our latest product, CubeLamp! A magnetic Bike Light that outperforms any light in the market. It charges faster, lasts longer with outstanding performance, 6X more powerful than ordinary lights with a maximum setting of 800 lumen. These new powerful lights will be available on Kickstarter on March 2nd ( 12pm CET ). Reliable & Powerful Running off a 2000mAh battery, CubeLamp is a 5-watt, high-powered LED designed for adventurers. This means that you can count on it to continue to run when you need it most, never worrying that it is going to fade or die on you when you are in a jam. Because of the cutting-edge control board that we have used to engineer CubeLamp, it is substantially more powerful than anything comparable. As far as compact lights go, CubeLamp is the future. That isn't all, though. Highly Efficient & Eco-Friendly CubeLamp is more than a powerful light. The LED that underpins its function is more efficient and thus eco-friendlier than a standard light or lamp. While traditional lights eat up massive amounts of energy, contributing negatively to the environment, CubeLamp does not. Instead, it uses minimal energy, stretching out over a longer period of time without any eco-destructive batteries. This is a light without limits. Take Your Adventure Anywhere Perhaps most exciting of all, CubeLamp adapts to your life, no matter what your favorite activity is. You can position it and mount it according to your needs, clicking it into place without unscrewing anything. Whether you are heading into the office for a quiet day of work or venturing out into the backcountry of a remote mountain, CubeLamp will be there for you. Snap it in anywhere and everywhere: your bicycle handlebars your snowmobile handlebars your seatpost your seatstay your backpack your belt your jersey pocket your saddlebag One snap and you're good to go. The N52 neodymium magnets in the MagLock are rugged and dependable so that you can feel safe and confident, just as you would if you were carrying around a GoPro, which uses the same technology. Easy to Use and Easy to Charge When CubeLamp does run low on battery, of course, it's also easy to keep it charging: plug it into any USB charging source, and you are on your way. Your computer, your laptop, a powerbank, the adapter in your car are all suitable for charging CubeLamp, which fully charges in only 1 hour, then running for 2 hours at full power, approximately double what you would expect from a light of its size and power. A Simple and Sturdy Design Our goal in designing CubeLamp was not to create something unnecessarily complex. Rather, we wanted to create something as simple as possible. Shockproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof, CubeLamp works so well because we have integrated only the components that we needed, like the water-repellent ABS case and the heatsink that works in conjunction with the control board. REGISTER FOR EARLY DISCOUNT https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/extrobes/cubelamp GIVEAWAY WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED WHEN THE CONTEST HAS ENDED Entry Methods: * Ultimate Outdoors Lamp: Over $100 Worth of Cubelamp #giveaway #win * Click here every day for more entries! * Follow me on Twitter! - purelybacker * Retweet To Win! * Follow me on Instagram! - extrobes * Retweet MORE to Win!