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Eagle Arena Mint and Win AMA Raffle Event
GET THE CHANCE TO GRAB A PIECE OF $55,000! Mint your Eagles and invite your friends! Gain an entry to our biggest raffle to date and you could win as much as $15,000 USD straight into your wallet! MECHANICS: 1. To join, fill up our gleam form below 2. Fill up your details, do not forget that you need to include your valid Polygon Wallet Address 3. Mint at least 1 Immortal Eagle from our Public Mint here: https://mint.eaglearena.io/ 4. Invite your friends to enter as well! Each 1 guaranteed mint from your friends is equivalent to an additional entry! The more eagles minted, the more entries you and your friend gets! 5. Once all 9,999 Eagles have all been purchased, we will close the gleam event and collect all information to be added to the draw 6. We will filter the entries, wallets that have not minted an Eagle will not count! 7. The official draw will be announced and broadcasted live via discord, so join our discord channel to get up to date information! PRIZES: All entries will be raffled, and the prizes are as follows: 1 Winner - $15,000 in USD straight to your wallet 1 Winner - $10,000 in USD 4 Winners - $5,000 in USD 5 Winners - $1,000 in USD Bonus: The user who has the most valid invites (each invited user will be checked if minted) will also win $5,000 in USD! EXTRA PROPOSITION: We understand how sad our global economy is today, so as a part of our outreach, the country with the most number of Immortal Eagles minted will be included in our charity work. Entries coming from that country will be given a vote as to which charity would they like Eagle Arena to include. IMPORTANT: A successful valid invite means that your invited friend also minted at least 1 Immortal Eagle. Our team will check wallet addresses and verify each mint. An entry with no minted eagle will not count in our raffle and top invites. Each invite that has at least 1 eagle will be equivalent to 1 guaranteed raffle entry. The more valid invites you have, the more named entry you will have in our raffle. The whole event will finish once all 9,999 eagles have been minted. Due to Gleam restrictions, completion of the tasks below will only count as 1 entry. Count basis will rely on eagles minted per wallet address (1 entry per minted eagle) and the number of valid minted invites. Entry Methods: * Go to this page and Mint your Immortal Eagles * Submit your minted eagle's opensea link * Put in your Wallet Address Here * Invite your friends to mint as well!