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Be the Change Giveaway November 2020
Enter to WIN our biggest giveaway ever worth over $450+! Each brand and artisan has gone above and beyond in envisioning a more sustainable Earth, whether that's reusing old skateboards, advocating for organic cotton, creating beautiful jewelry out of old scuba parts, developing one of the first biodegradable snack bags, or supporting sustainable farmers in places like Ghana and Ecuador. Here is the full breakdown: --Earthlove gift card ($50) --Earthlove Organic Bamboo Pot Scrubber ($10) --Meliora Lemon Laundry Powder + Wooden Scoop ($10) --No Trace Organic Cotton Sandwich Bag, Set of Two ($16) --Lesser Evil Himalayan Gold Popcorn ($3) --SKRP Reclaimed Skateboard Serving Board ($85) --Gogh Jewelry Zero Waste SCUBA Necklace ($29) --Mystic Ginger Apothecary Botanical Hair Oil ($16) --True Moringa White Gold Peppermint Lip Whip ($16) --Buy the Change Book ($17) --Papercraft Miracles Upcycled Journal made from Carpet ($35) --Spirit Wild Farm 9oz Wildcrafted Bath Soak ($24) --Humble Hive Devotion Solid Perfume + Lip Balm ($33) --Supah Stah Heirloom Chocolate Bars, Naked/Mulberry/Goji Berry ($18) --Big Heart Tea Co. Cup of Sunshine Organic Loose Leaf Tea ($10) --Olsen + Olsen Organic Beeswax Food Wrap ($18) --Gemstone Organic Manifest Elixir ($20) --The Kitchen Garden Series Reusable Linen Coffee Filters ($44) ***IMPORTANT: By entering the contest you are agreeing to receive emails from these brands and makers. *** Entry Methods: * Be the Change Giveaway November 2020 #giveaway #win * Like us on Facebook * Follow me on Instagram