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EasyCoins - Snowball Giveaway
Prize Pool: $1000 USDT Snowball Voucher 1st: $150 USDT Snowball Voucher 2nd: $125 USDT Snowball Voucher 3rd: $100 USDT Snowball Voucher 4th: $75 USDT Snowball Voucher 5th: $50 USDT Snowball Voucher Bonus $500 USDT Snowball Voucher: Post a Funny Meme in the comments of the Giveaway Announcement Tweet - 100 Lucky winners with an attention-grabbing meme will get 5$. https://twitter.com/EasyCoinsCrypto/status/1567092315608567810 INTRODUCING EASYCOINS - #GrowWealthEasy EasyCoins provides simple financial products to help you earn interest even in volatile times. EasyCoins handles tens of thousands of transactions per second with $1Bn Daily Trading Volume. The EasyCoins team has provided crypto trading for over 20M users World-wide. https://www.easycoins.com/ Duration: 06 Sept - 20 Sept Eligibility: Winner should be a Level 2 member on Discord on Winners announcement day (20 Sept). All tasks need to be completed. Winning Criteria: Top 5 participants with Maximum points will be the winners. High number of referrals is the most important criteria, chosen for deciding the winners. Note: For more info and winner announcement, Join DISCORD. Entry Methods: * Join EasyCoins Discord server * Create an account on EasyCoins and share UID here * Follow @EasyCoinsCrypto on Twitter * Tweet With The # Hashtags and TAG 2 friends * Retweet @EasyCoinsCrypto on Twitter * Subscribe to EasyCoins on Messenger * Join @easycoins888 on Telegram * Enter the Secret Code * Refer Friends For Extra Entries/Points