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Edverse NFT Giveaway
🎉ANNOUNCING EDVERSE NFT GIVEAWAY🎉 PARTICIPATE AND WIN THE MOST EXCLUSIVE AND RARE NFT COLLECTIBLES OF THE SEASON. ___________________________________________________________________________ 20 lucky winners stand a chance to own the most unique NFT collectibles and get free access to our metaverse classroom sessions Steps to win - Completion of all the giveaway tasks Entry Methods: * Enter Your Matic ID * Retweet @my_edverse on Twitter * Follow @my_edverse on Twitter * Follow Edverse on LinkedIn * Join @my_edverse on Telegram * Visit my_edverse on Instagram * Visit Edverse on YouTube * Join Our Discord Server
$100 for 20 lucky winners. 5 Winners will be announced every week🔉 🗒️Follow the steps below and get a chance to win a prize. Stay tuned to our discord community for weekly engagement-based giveaways!! #giveaway #Airdrop Entry Methods: * Join our Discord Server * Follow @my_edverse on Twitter * Join @my_edverse on Telegram * Retweet @my_edverse on Twitter
Giveaway by Edverse
📢 Edverse EDV Tokens Airdrop 📢 We are the world's largest educational metaverse. And with you on board as our clan member, we are creating the most immersive interactive, and insightful learning cosmos Our pre-alpha version is out now Witness the most talked about #learn2earn in action by downloading Edverse’s pre-alpha version and following these simple steps and 500 lucky winners will get a chance to win the most awaited and promising token airdrop Follow the steps below to enter. Winners will be randomly chosen on 8th Aug 2022. Winners will receive their reward on TGE + 7 days. 500 lucky winners will receive 50 $EDV tokens each. Entry Methods: * Follow @my_edverse on Twitter * Retweet @my_edverse on Twitter * Tweet With The # Hashtag * Join @my_edverse on Telegram * Join our Discord server * Visit Edverse on YouTube * Download the EDVERSE Pre-Alpha Application! * Share With Your Friends For Extra Entries * Submit you wallet address