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FREE Portal NFT & ETH Contest by EktaChain
We are now minting the Ekta Portal NFT! In celebration, we are giving away 3 Portal NFTs and 5 prizes of 0.1 ETH. All you have to do is complete one or more actions in the list to be entered. The more tasks you complete, the more entries you have to win. When minted the Portal NFT comes with a free End Point Node to become part of our decentralization and infrastructure. No prior knowledge is needed, we have done all the programming for you. Just Plug n Earn from a 10K $EKTA per day reward pool (to be split amongst active node operators daily). This goes on for 10 Years!! Check out Portal.ekta.io for more info. Good Luck!!! Be sure to come back often for more tasks to be added all the way up to the end of the contest Entry Methods: * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Enter using Twitter * Follow @EktaChain on Twitter * Retweet @EktaChain on Twitter * Enter the Secret Code from EktaChain's Twitter Spaces (Link Below) * Enter Using your YouTube login * Visit Ekta on YouTube * Which special guest did we have on episode 2 of our 69 minute degen show? * Join our Discord server to get valuble information about web3, real estate NFTs, Ekta Island, and so much more. * Get the Secret Code from the Announcement Channel in Discord * Retweet @EktaChain on Twitter * Tweet on Twitter * Tweet With The # Hashtags * Visit our home page and read up on Ekta's projects * What project in scheduled to launch Q1 2023? * How many KG of plastic were collected during our Plastic Exchange? * Check out our Portal NFT information & mint page and learn how it provides passive income for 10 years * How many Portal Robots are showing on the portal information & mint website? * Answer: Which Trait Group?: What trait group are you hoping to be created by the community out of the Portal NFT 10K collection? * Visit our Readiness Dapp and see how easy it is to help someone get started in crcypto * What is the name of the token that is added for you in Step 5? * Follow @BerwinTanco on Twitter * Follow @JohnSmithNFTs on Twitter * Follow @NFT_Nick_eth on Twitter * Follow @LOUDMOUTH_ETH on Twitter * Enter the Secret Code from Loudmouth's Twitter Space (link below) * Enter the Secret Code from our Ep. 008 Livestream on the 6th * Retweet @EktaChain on Twitter * Retweet @EktaChain on Twitter
Allowlist (Whitelist) for Portal NFT 10K Collection + Discord ALPHA group Entry Code
Complete a minimum of 5 tasks to unlock the wallet address submission field and be entered into the Portal NFT 10K collection Allowlist! Complete a minimum of 6 tasks to unlock access to our ALPHA group channels in our Discord server. Enter the coupon code when asked in Discord to be able to access exclusive information on our server. Entry Methods: * Follow @EktaChain on Twitter * Retweet @EktaChain on Twitter * Visit Ekta on YouTube * Visit Our Website to see our roadmap and learn more about EktaChain * How did you hear about this allowlist? * Visit our Portal Landing page to learn more about the Portal NFT * EktaChain Discord * Visit ektachain on Instagram * Join @ekta_community on Telegram * Visit Our Crypto Safety Guide * Sign up for our EktaChain Newsletter * Submit your MetaMask Address