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Eliminates Ultimate Producer/DJ Bundle (Over $1000 in Gear)
PIONEER DDJ 400 GOLD LIMITED EDITION DJ CONTROLLER Learning to DJ is easier than ever with the DDJ-400-N Limited Edition Gold 2-channel DJ controller for rekordbox dj. Packed with features to help you comfortably develop your skills, this controller’s layout mirrors Serato's flagship NXS2 setup, with shared elements like dedicated cue buttons, Beat FX, CDJ-style looping controls and more. Bundled with Serato's professional performance software, rekordbox, the compatible Tutorial feature will help you master this controller's creative capabilities. Lightweight and portable, you can take the DDJ-400-N Limited Edition Gold 2-channel DJ controller with you to practice sessions, parties and more. You’ll feel at home while creating, no matter where you are. FOCUSRITE SCARLETT SOLO BUNDLE (HEADPHONES, XLR MICROPHONE, SCARLETT SOLO AUDIO INTERFACE) Right out of the box you get a Scarlett Solo USB audio interface, condenser microphone, 3-meter XLR microphone cable, closed-back headphones and free software so you can start making music in no time at all. The Scarlett Solo features a single upgraded third-generation Scarlett mic preamp: with optional Air setting to reproduce the Air effect of Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp, giving your vocal recordings a brighter and more open sound. The CM25 MkIII condenser microphone enables you to capture studio-quality recordings that are faithful to the original source, while the HP60 MkIII closed-back headphones, with an improved design, offer high sound quality and long-lasting comfort when recording and mixing. FL STUDIO FIRE CONTROLLER WITH FRUITY FIRE EDITION FL STUDIO The Akai Professional Fire is one of the first dedicated hardware controllers for the FL Studio DAW platform. Created in close partnership with Image-Line, Fire is a high-performance tool designed to enhance the workflow and music-creating experience for all FL Studio producers. Featuring plug-and-play integration, within seconds you’ll be creating patterns and building tracks using Fire’s 4x16 matrix. Instantly navigate the Channel Rack, Browser, Tool Bar and Playlist menus without the click of a mouse. The graphical OLED display makes for easy browsing and tactile control over the various files, menus and parameters within your FL Studio session. And the dedicated transport buttons give you full control of your music. When in Performance mode, Fire deftly blurs the lines between controller and instrument with its ability to play and record notes in time using the velocity-sensitive RGB pads. Up to four units can be connected to FL Studio at once, creating an 8x32 matrix for the ultimate Fire experience. Compatible with both PC and MAC to coincide with the release of FL 20, the Akai Professional Fire is built for the FL Studio user who wants to stop clicking and start playing FL Studio like a powerful studio and stage instrument. ROKIT CLASSIC 5 STUDIO MONITORS (2X) KRK's Classic 5 G3 (Generation 3) powered studio monitors offer professional performance and accuracy for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. The system consists of a 1” soft dome tweeter and 5” glass-Aramid composite woofer. It delivers high frequencies up to 35kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response. The proprietary bi-amped, class A/B amplifier grants SPL up to 106dB. The Classic waveguide is designed to ensure detailed imaging in the listening position. The front-firing bass port reduces boundary coupling to allow flexible positioning in the room while the engineered surface reduces diffraction distortion. Multiple input connections ensure the Classic 5 G3 will easily integrate in any system configuration. KILOHEARTS PHASEPLANT VST SYNTH Whether you just installed your first DAW, you’re looking for inspiration to follow up that award-winning single you produced last year, or you’ve been tasked with creating the sound of a hot broadsword slashing through ice for an online game, we have what you need. Phase Plant gives you more options and flexibility than you can shake a stick at, to make things as big or small as you need without compromising the workflow. All in one box. KILOHEARTS PROFESSIONAL VST BUNDLE * Bitcrush * Comb Filter * Ensemble * Flanger * Formant Filter * Frequency Shifter * Gate * Haas * Ladder Filter * Phase Distortion * Pitch Shifter * Resonater * Ring Mod * Reverser * Tape Stop * Trance Gate * Transient Shaper Entry Methods: * Entry Confirmed - More Ways to Enter Below * Visit Eliminate on YouTube * Bonus for Twitch subscribers * Follow eliminatehq on Twitch * Join Eliminate HQ on Discord * Follow Eliminatemusic on SoundCloud * Follow Eliminate on Spotify * Follow @eliminatemusic on Twitter * Visit eliminatemusic on Instagram * Visit Eliminate on Facebook * Click For a Daily Bonus Entry * Enter your secret code for more entries!