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ElseVerse Giveaway
Join the contest by the new amazing metaverse - ElseVerse, a daughter project of GamesPad! ABOUT ELSEVERSE ElseVerse is an interconnected network of parallel universes where users can immerse themselves in an array of fascinating experiences. Once you enter the ElseVerse metaverse you will discover a place built for you to live, dream, socialize, shop and play in amazing adventures. 🎁 PRIZES! 🎁 Total prize: 2,000 BUSD for 50 winners Deadline: January 31 Distribution: within the next 5 days after campaign completion 🀌 EXTRA VALUE: Mint FREE Mystery Boxes that will give you access to the ElseVerse metaverse: bit.ly/3QOpSxT (learn more in this how-to guide) Disclaimer: a mystery box is free to mint, but the user has to cover the gas fee πŸ“¦ UTILITY OF MYSTERY BOXES The ElseVerse Mystery Box is a reward for the early community members that will contain rare items that will help you thrive in the ElseVerse World. When the boxes are opened you will have a chance to win valuable items that will give you an advantage in the ElseVerse World, such as: * Dragons that you can use for fighting other players * Dragon Eggs that you can use to breed your dragon * Vehicles for faster movement around the world * Armor Gear that will protect you from monsters and other players * And many more! 3 Boxes = Founder Pass WL - secures your place to mint the Founder Pass NFT 5 Boxes = Founder Pass OG - secures your mint of Founder Pass NFT at a discount Founder Pass NFT will be priced at $200-$350!πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ HOW TO WIN A MONEY PRIZE 1. Mint your FREE Mystery Box here 2. Complete ALL tasks listed below ELSEVERSE Website | Public mint | Twitter | Telegram | Discord| Instagram Entry Methods: * Add your BEP20 wallet address * Mint the FREE Mystery Box (optional) * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Retweet @elseverseworld on Twitter * Follow @ElseVerseWorld on Twitter * Join @ElseVerseAnnouncements on Telegram * Join our Discord Server * Visit elseverse_world on Instagram