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Our leaves have turned brown and orange. When you exhale, it’s a white mist against the crispy air. Tree limbs are brittle and you swear that you can spot them from the corner of your eye shivering alongside you. You must loosen your belt, for you now have an insatiable craving for pumpkin spice drinks. Autumn has come to Solarwood. Bundled up, with an extra cloak draped over your armor, you walk along the eastern road, toward the Limping Bear Tavern. You can see the smoke from its chimney – and can hear the jovial cheers from your fraternity of heroes, as they bask in spooky tales. The tales! You stop, remembering that you promised Vic Ruby a good scary story, for a warm ale. Yet, here you are, and you haven’t decided what scare to share with that majestic, bearded innkeeper. You are an amazing person who has experienced so many scary things that make for wonderful stories. A couple come to mind... Entry Methods: * Finish the first story: The Welby * Finish the second story: Prize Pumpkin * Finish the third story: The Sons of Cain * Follow @PlayEmberSword on Twitter * Refer Friends For Extra Entries * Join our community! * Visit Ember Sword on Facebook * Follow EmberSword on Twitch * Visit EmberSword on Reddit * Visit Ember Sword on YouTube
Ember Sword June Raffle
We’re giving away 20 land plots in total! Starting on the 1st, we will be running a series of competitions on our social media platforms. The overarching theme is: Ember Sword’s World! The raffle will run from June 1st to the 30th, with each of the competitions listed below being a task in the raffle. Simply put - the more you participate, the more you get out of it! Additionally, every competition has its own land plot rewards, separate from the raffle. Entry Methods: * Ember Sword June 2022 Creature Design * Ember Sword June 2022 Finish the story: Solarwood’s Bane: The Age of Pangaea – humanity’s millennium across unified worlds – ushered an age of prosperity. Medicine and eugenics aborted maladies before they began, making disease a ghost of the past. After the Catastrophe sent Thanabus into darkness, fears of illnesses returning to the vulnerable masses were rampant. Generations later, the lush forests of Solarwood were hit by extensive droughts. While many succumbed to starvation in the mid-34th Century, others lost their lives by inches, as their fine motor functions deteriorated. A horrifying realization set in: disease had returned to Thanabus. Dubbed “Solarwood’s Bane”, this enigmatic form of motor neuron disease had manifested in people who had become immunocompromised from lack of nutrition – only the fruit picked from the rare and enigmatic Royal Plum could reverse its effects. It would be fifty years before Solarwood’s droughts and proper nutrition beat the epidemic. However, scant cases arose in healthy bodies over the subsequent century. A new investigation launched by the Academic Federation, Solarwood’s governing counsel, uncovered that the disease occurs exclusively within the nation’s own borders. Specialists affiliated with the Biological Studies Department of Burkhalter’s Academy were covertly dispatched to Land’s End to the north – the disease’s hotbed – to unravel its dark origin... * Ember Sword June 2022 Character Design * Ember Sword June 2022 Lore Quiz * Subscribe to our Newsletter * Join our Ember Sword community on Discord * Retweet @PlayEmberSword on Twitter * Follow @PlayEmberSword on Twitter * Visit officialembersword on Instagram * Visit PlayEmberSword on Facebook * Visit Ember Sword's website * Follow embersword on Twitch * Subscribe to the Ember Sword Podcast * Visit Ember Sword on YouTube * Visit EmberSword on Reddit * Join @EmberSword on Telegram * Share With Your Friends For Extra Entries * Get 20 bonus tickets for completing 10 entries!
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Enter this giveaway for a chance to win 10 plots of NFT land, from the upcoming Ember Sword land sale. 🌘 Don't forget to complete 10 actions to get 20 bonus entries! Good luck! Entry Methods: * Retweet @PlayEmberSword on Twitter * Sign up for the Ember Sword Insider Newsletter * Join our Discord community! * Follow embersword on Twitch * Follow our Podcast * Follow @PlayEmberSword on Twitter * Visit EmberSword on Reddit * Visit officialembersword on Instagram * Visit Ember Sword on YouTube * Visit Ember Sword on Facebook * Get 10 Extra Entries For Each Referred Friend! * Complete 10 Actions To Get 20 Bonus Entries!