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A Heartwarming Giveaway
At Embr Labs, we believe that the power of temperature can change the way we connect with one another. According to social psychologist Hans Rocha IJzerman, over millennia, the instinct for thermoregulation has influenced out connections with others, shaping our social lives and culture. Enter our Heartwarming Giveaway for a chance to win 5 amazing prize bundles worth over $1000 that will keep those warm and fuzzy feelings going between you and your loved ones and deepen your understanding of what it means to connect with others. Embr Labs is the company behind Embr Wave, the warming and cooling bracelet that keeps you at the perfect temperature. With the Embr Wave and companion app, you can send and accept “Embraces” from loved ones, which are warm sensations accompanied by a short message designed to feel like a warm hug. Hans Rocha IJzerman is the social psychologist behind Heartwarming, an illuminating investigation of core body temperature regulation and its powerful effect on human civilization. As IJzerman highlights how temperature affects human sociality, he examines fascinating new questions: How will climate change impact society? Why are some people chronically cold, and others overheated? Can thermoregulation keep relationships closer, even across a distance? The answers offer new insights for all of us who want to better understand our bodies, our minds, and each other. PRIZES GRAND PRIZE BUNDLE (1 WINNER) - A HEARTWARMING SURPRISE ($724 VALUE): 2 ROSE GOLD EMBR WAVES, 2 PINK COMFORT BANDS, 2 HEARTWARMING BOOKS RUNNER-UP PRIZE BUNDLE (1 WINNER) - THE GIFT OF WARMTH ($359 VALUE): 1 ROSE GOLD EMBR WAVE, 1 PINK COMFORT BAND, AND 2 HEARTWARMING BOOKS RUNNER-UP PRIZE BUNDLE (3 WINNERS) - FOLLOW YOUR HEART ($72 VALUE): 3 HEARTWARMING BOOKS (1 BOOK PER WINNER) Entry Methods: * A Heartwarming Giveaway * Click here every day for more entries! * Like Embr Labs on Facebook! * Like W.W. Norton on Facebook! * Follow @embrlabs on Instagram! - embrlabs * Follow @w.w.norton on Instagram! - w.w.norton * Follow @embrlabs on Twitter! - embrlabs * Follow @wwnorton on Twitter! - wwnorton