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Million Coins + Premium Gacha Value = $1,0000
The EncryptGenie&betamars joint event will be officially launched at 20:00 Beijing time (UTC+8)2022-9-12 Welcome to EncryptGenie&betamars event EncryptGenie is the first-ever casual RPG game with cross-chain battles. EncryptGenie provides players with an unparalleled gaming experience.Whether it's Budokan, Battle Tower, Road to Champions, or adventure, players can experience the fun. BetaMars is a highly open metaverse project, constructing a metaverse ecological civilization which detached reality. In BetaMars world, playing, social communicating, competing, working... ... Every decision will trigger different consequences. The most exciting point where lies the charisma of BetaMars is that the development of the world is not a result of formulated calculation, but the combination of emotion, interest and humanity that will never be replaced by science and technology. How to join: 1.Simply complete the tasks below to get your entry. a)Follow @EncryptGenie and @Betamars2025 on Twitter b) Like, retweet and tag your 3 friends. c)Join EncryptGenie Telegram and BetaMars Telegram Try to complete as many as possible! 2. The top 3 users with the most participation will receive special rewards! 3. For everyone who comes in via your share link, you'll get 20 extra entries! prize pool: EncryptGenie 150 Premium Gacha for airdrops! Offer 1 million coins for airdrops! Each of the first 100 participants will receive coins! 🏅️first place: 30 Premium Gacha 🥈2nd place: 15 Premium Gacha 🥉3rd place: 5 Premium Gacha Good luck everyone! If any unforeseen changes occur, we will notify you through various channels. Entry Methods: * Follow @EncryptGenie on Twitter * Retweet @EncryptGenie on Twitter * Join @EncryptGenie_English on Telegram * Follow @Betamars2025 on Twitter * Join @betamars on Telegram