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Thanksmas Global Giveaway
Win yourself a new Gaming System! Are you ready for the new CPU and VGA? We are ready! Planning to change the latest AMD CPU or VGA, and the RTX 3000 series? Now is your chance to upgrade your system with ENERMAX! The rule is simple. Visit any of our Social Media pages for a Free Entry! We will select ONE winner each week to win the prize! Campaign Period: 2020/11/24-2020/12/25 (Pacific Time Zone) Prize List * ENERMAX ETS-F40 (Essential Version) CPU Air Cooler * ENERMAX AIO water cooler: AQUAFUSION 240 White * ENERMAX AIO water cooler: LIQMAX III 360 ARGB White * ENERMAX MarbleShell M MS20 White computer case * ENERMAX MarbleShell MS30 White computer case * GeIL EVO X II Series AMD Edition D4-3600 16GBx2 Dual Channel Kit * PowerColor Red Dragon RX 5600 XT * T-FORCE DELTA S TUF Gaming Alliance RGB SSD * Question about the giveaway, please contact us: marketing@enermax.com.tw * This Giveaway is for global. * ENERMAX reserves the right of final decision to suspend the campaign at any time and to change product specifications. Special thanks to your sponsors: GeIL, PowerColor,Teamgroup Entry Methods: * Entry Confirmed - More Ways to Enter Below * Visit ENERMAX on Facebook * Visit PowerColor Europe on Facebook * Visit Enermax Europe on Facebook * Visit ENERMAX 安耐美 on Facebook * Visit TeamGroup - Global on Facebook * Visit enermax_global on Instagram * Visit enermaxusa on Instagram * Visit powercolor_official on Instagram * Visit geilmemory on Instagram * Visit teamgroupinc on Instagram * Follow @ENERMAXGlobal on Twitter * Follow @teamgroupinc on Twitter * Follow @EnermaxUSA on Twitter * Follow @ENERMAXJapan on Twitter * Follow @PowerColor on Twitter * Visit EnermaxGlobal on YouTube
The rule is simple. Sum up the year "2020" in one word! TEN Winners will be picked and will receive random prizes for participating Campaign Period: 2020/12/22-2020/12/31 (Pacific Time Zone) Prize & Winner Announcement Date: Jan 4th, 2020 Entry Methods: * Describe 2020 In One Word!: Sum up the year 2020 in one word...Go! * Visit Enermax USA on Facebook * Like & Leave a Comment on Our Facebook Post * Visit enermaxusa on Instagram * Tag 2 Friends on our Instagram Post * Follow @enermaxusa on Twitter * Visit EnermaxGlobal on YouTube * Refer Friends For Extra Entries